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Christmas Give Your Positive Emotions A Chance

by Ace Damon
Christmas Give Your Positive Emotions A Chance

Christmas always tests our resilience.

Give your positive emotions a chance. After all, resisting is the verb of who grows old enough to tell.

Scene 1: Suddenly, your Christmas will be synonymous with restrictions.

You will not be able to eat even a small piece of panettone. As for meat, at most a slice of turkey breast. Alcohol? Not a drop.

The script may vary a bit but leave no doubt: yes, this is your first supper with a chronic illness, and everything around you refers to the limitations that now guide your life.

Willing to kick the bucket at the end of the year? Do not do it.

Christmas Give Your Positive Emotions A Chance

Enjoy the party with another perspective: you have the possibility to take an active part in the treatment and guarantee its independence and autonomy.

Also, do not hide the situation of those who are closest – on the contrary, ask your help to face this “rite of passage,” and you will find that many face similar problems.

Scene 2: Your house used to be full to celebrate the date, but the children are married, and now their daughter-in-law owns the event.

Feeling an irreparable loss?

Pull through the memory and do not omit the details: being the hostess did a damn job.

Not only to prepare all the dishes and entertain the guests but also to clean up the mess and leave everything tidy for the “happy family lunch” on the 25th.

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Think about how it might be better not to have to worry about anything and have fun, taking time to talk and play with the grandchildren.

Scene 3: It’s getting harder and harder to deal with brothers and cousins who have aged poorly and can only talk about diseases and complain about life.

Come to think of it; you would not want to leave the house: you could slip into bed early and skip the tent, Santa and the presents.

How about reconnecting you with childhood memories?

Take your photo albums and invite them to take a little journey into the past by talking about pranks, dating, and transgressions. Even young people will be interested.

Aging means collecting losses: from your youth, from the corporate name, from loved ones who have gone away or gone.

We are hit by the blows, some of the extreme hardness, but the experience is a great ally to move on.

Christmas Give Your Positive Emotions A Chance

This is called resilience.

It involves cultivating a mature optimism that does not mean denying problems but relying on overcoming them.

Often it is put to the test at this time of year because nothing like an ostensibly pleasant environment to trigger the trigger of nostalgia and sadness.

However, remember: how many times did you have to turn around and see that you were able to seek energy to reinvent yourself, to overcome the obstacles?

So give your positive emotions a chance and do not get upset about Christmas in advance.


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