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China uses drones to fight Coronavirus

by Ace Damon
China uses drones to fight Coronavirus

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China is using all sorts of measures to combat the infamous Coronavirus outbreak. One of them is the use of drones, which are flying over the city of Shenzhen, more specifically in the province of Guandong. The information is being spread on Twitter.

Chinese authorities are using drones with two warning methods: first, there are drones with loudspeakers that ask Chinese citizens to keep their face masks on, in order to protect themselves from infection with Coronavirus via bacteria in the air.

The second method involves drones with posters with a written QR code. This code, when read by a mobile phone, allows the user to record his health status. Presumably, the authorities will use these records to maintain knowledge about the health status of their citizens.

MWC 2020 has already been canceled due to Coronavirus

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​considered the biggest mobile event, was recently canceled due to the Coronavirus. It all started when several brands like LG, Sony, Amazon and others withdrew their presence from the event, for public health reasons.

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