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China: From Terracotta Warriors To Mars Settlers Homes

by Ace Damon
China: From Terracotta Warriors To Mars Settlers Homes

Chinese create house project to be inhabited on Mars

The portable home is entirely technological and will house astronauts who will visit the Red Planet.

A portable and entirely technological house was developed for the future settlers of Mars.

Created by theOpen Architecture, a design company based in Beijing, the project was carried out in partnership with Chinese technology giant Xiaomi.

China From Terracotta Warriors To Mars Settlers Homes

Called Case MARS, the small shelter has a minimalist structure that can be inflated, disassembled and folded, making it easy to be transported anywhere.

“It’s like a suitcase, you put things in and then take them off and take them anywhere,” said the company responsible for manufacturing.

Inside the house, it is possible to observe a main living area and something that resembles a bathroom. Smartphones, such as those manufactured by Xiaomi, can be used to control handsets and other functions such as room lighting.

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The house has minimalist structures and is extremely compact to facilitate transport.

The Open Architecture says that the project was inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s famous autobiographical novel Walden, in which the author moved alone to the edge of the Walden side, apart from society. The retreat served for Thoreau to study and reflect on his life.

“Today, as we live and get lost in a world of consumerism and environmental crises, what are our essential needs?” Asked Open Architecture.

The company explains that Case MARS presents an ideal home view, combining technology, product design, and architecture.

The project dubbed the “living bubble”, has also emerged as an alternative to natural resources that are increasingly scarce on Earth.

China From Terracotta Warriors To Mars Settlers Homes

“We have no choice but to reduce the over-consumption of our old lifestyles and carry only the bare minimum.

Recycling will be the only way to survive, “says the company. “By putting the ‘extra’ aside, let’s rethink our lives in a simplified scenario.”

This means that energy, water and the air itself will be fully recycled into the system, which corporations believe will contribute to reducing the consumption of natural resources. “It’s zero waste,” said the creators of the project.

Terracotta “mini-warriors” of 2,1 thousand years are found in China

China From Terracotta Warriors To Mars Settlers Homes

Hundreds of small sculptures depicting warriors are found by archaeologists in a Chinese province.

Chinese archaeologists have made an incredible discovery by examining a tomb with an estimated age of 2,100 years:

Hundreds of small sculptures depicting knights, infantrymen, musician, and watchtowers were found near the cave located in the town of Linzi, Shandong Province. This would be a miniature version of the famous Terracotta Army, a set of thousands of sculptures dedicated to the mausoleum of the Chinese emperor Qin Shihuang, who died in 210 BC.

Terracotta is a material derived from clay and used by different civilizations of antiquity for the making of objects and sculptures.

According to the researchers, the “mini-warriors” found were carved in honor of the prince Liu Hong, who was the prince of Qi, one of the kingdoms that were part of the ancient Chinese empire.

The estimated age of the sculptures coincided with the death of Hong, who died in 110 BC.

The army’s representation drew the researchers’ attention: Throughout the pit, the sculptures were arranged as warriors prepared for combat, depicting how knights and infantrymen performed their formations in battle.

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At least 500 sculptures have been found and are between 62 and 67 centimeters in height. Those responsible for the work also portrayed some social and cultural aspects of the time, with space for the kitchen, barn, bedrooms and even a pavilion reserved for musicians and actors.

According to an article published by archaeologists, the mausoleum built in memory of the prince had great proportions, but the path leading to the main funeral chamber was destroyed after the passage of the years.

China From Terracotta Warriors To Mars Settlers Homes

The sculptures of the prince’s tomb, however, do not compare with the grandeur of the Terracotta Army in honor of Emperor Qin Shihuang: more than 8,000 soldiers were depicted in full size, with 130 carriages, 520 horses and 150 cavalrymen.

Founded in 1974 by farmers in Shaanxi province, this is considered one of the largest archaeological finds in history and one of China’s biggest tourist attractions.


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