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Cherry will enable cheaper mechanical keyboards. Understand how

by Ace Damon
Cherry will enable cheaper mechanical keyboards. Understand how

Cherry is essentially the reference company when it comes to switches for mechanical keyboards. During CES 2020, the manufacturer announced Viola, the first entry-level mechanical switch, allowing keyboards with values ​​between 50 and 100 euros.

In perspective, keyboards with Cherry switches can go up to 200 euros. This new type of switch will allow the user to maintain the quality and effectiveness of the keys but at a lower price than normal within the Cherry catalog. The new switches continue to allow RGB lighting.

According to Cherry, its engineers spent about a year designing and developing the new switches. One of the novelties is a company-patented automatic contact cleaning system. This system helps prevent dust or dirt from interfering with keyboard contacts.

With the new design, changing keys will be an easier task where removing and replacing a new key takes no more than a few seconds. Additionally, keyboard manufacturers will be able to continue to use the same designs as Viola switches retain the same dimensions as previous keys.

New switches will arrive soon

Cherry has not announced exactly when the new Viola switches will arrive but it certainly will be during this year. The switches are manufactured in Germany, where Cherry owns its factory and its suppliers.

However, Cherry did not say how many keystrokes the new Viola keys will support. As a rule, Cherry gives an estimate to inform and measure the quality of switches and keyboards. For example the famous Cherry MX has a guarantee of 50 to 100 million clicks.

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