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Caution! Scam scheme on behalf of Galp is going through WhatsApp

by Ace Damon
Caution! Scam scheme on behalf of Galp is going through WhatsApp

There are several times that we report fraudulent schemes on behalf of well-known companies on the national scene, going through social networks. This time, it is the name of one of the largest national oil companies being used.

Since yesterday, a phishing scheme, on behalf of Galp, has been spread by WhatsApp. In order to try to get your data, the authors are promising free fuel.

In view of the situation, Galp has already issued a statement denying the truth of this promise. The company stresses that it does not request personal and financial data from its customers by email.

Hot guys are promising three months of free fuel

The message accompanying this phishing scheme states that, due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, Galp has its tanks full of fuel. In order to sell the product and help those most in need, the company offers three months of fuel to those interested.

Once you click on the link sent in the message, you are directed to a website where some personal data is requested. Then it is mentioned that you are in luck and that there is still space to fulfill your request.

Phishing Galp

To finish the process, you must share the message with your contacts on WhatsApp, so that it does not stop circulating. In an attempt to offer greater credibility to the scheme, there is even a comment section with several answers, supposedly, from Galp itself.

This is clearly another scheme that tries to obtain your personal data for purposes that are not known. This is a flagrant case where the proposal is too good to be true.

Whenever you come across messages like this, whether on WhatsApp or another social network, investigate more about the topic to see if it is legitimate. And above all, never share personal data in places you don't know.

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