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“Canceled Because of a Video You Didn’t Even Make”: Inside a Bernie-Biden Troll…

by Ace Damon
“Canceled Because of a Video You Didn’t Even Make”: Inside a Bernie-Biden Troll...

Whether Sanders inspires an unusual level of vitriol among his supporters is a hot topic in Democratic primaries. In January, a New York Times history sought to capture the ethos of Sanders' online followers – "envied and caricatured by rivals who covet this loyalty, feared by Democrats who faced harassment on the part of their followers and, alternately, wanted and gently rebuked by the candidate himself". Pete Buttigieg introduced the sandernistas online harassment of Nevada's culinary union members during the Wednesday night debate, saying to Sanders, "I think you need to accept some responsibility and ask yourself what’s in your particular campaign that seems to be motivating this behavior more than others ". (Sanders maintains that his supporters are no more cruel than those of any other candidate.)

Li, who ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 2018, guilty Berners' online horde for forcing her to quit her job. "I just didn't wake up," she said, adding that while she is passionate about fighting climate change and restricting gun ownership, and she hates Trump, she also hates the purity tests imposed by the increasingly dogmatic left wing of the Democratic Party : "AOC and all these people." She called herself "a person from Dianne Feinstein". She said she was close to the California senator and her husband, Richard Blum, and sent me an image of the signed check, for $ 5,400, that Feinstein and Blum had made in their congressional campaign – the maximum allowed by law that year.

"She is very effusive," said a Democratic packager who worked with Li. "She raised a lot for Hillary (Clinton). It is very well connected and generally much appreciated. I know that the top people in the Democratic Party and around her like and support her, and she's brilliant … probably a little ambitious, but I think everyone who runs for office is ambitious. "

T.J. DeLuca, president of Pennsylvania's Young Democrats, said he was surprised when Li said she was resigning. "To my knowledge, there is only one person on the board who is really a supporter of Bernie Sanders," he said. But a former member said that among many younger members today, there is an impatience and a zeal to do things – the Green New Deal, race relations, armed violence, unions – and that these people are skeptical of Li. "I am Jewish and have known Lindy for a long time, and she is not anti-Semitic," said the former member. "I was like, did everyone go crazy?"

All the confusion prompted Li to rethink her loyalty, she said. On Saturday, a few hours after she tweeted the video, a call came on her cell phone and the name Mitch Kates appeared. Kates is Michael Bloomberg's political director in Pennsylvania, and when Li responded, Bloomberg himself was on the other side.

Li said a friend in California who supports Bloomberg called. "It was so brief," said Li. "I think it was just a show of goodwill, very superficial. After a minute, he passed it to Mitch. Li said he is thinking of jumping from Biden to Bloomberg. She "loves" Biden, but she really wants to beat Trump – and most of all, she wants Sanders crushed. "I am determined to make sure he is not the nominee," said Li. "There is no chance in hell to vote for him, even against Trump. And I voted for him in 2016. It was his supporters who did this."

The Democratic packager agreed. "Just as Trump has a cult, Bernie has a cult," he said, adding that there is a fear – among many Democrats, the money people and the grassroots, campaign volunteers, telephone bankers, canvassers, activists, organizers – that the same bacteriophage that invaded the Republican body in 2016 was now making its way into the Democratic bloodstream. Just as Republican voters four years ago nominated a man who was nominally Republican only, Democrats are now deciding between two foreigners: a Democratic socialist and a billionaire who spoke at the Republican Party convention in 2004.

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