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Camila Cabello Is Feeling ‘Speechless and Nostalgic’ on the Two-Year Anniversary…

by Ace Damon
Camila Cabello Is Feeling 'Speechless and Nostalgic' on the Two-Year Anniversary...

Camila Cabello's first solo album, Camila, was released two years ago (on January 12, 2018), and she is celebrating her birthday with a nostalgic video montage and a heartfelt letter to fans on social media.

"Today is the two year anniversary of my first album … these clips range from the last memory I made of this album to the first," she posted as a caption for the clip, which shows images of a crowd of her memorable moments. In career.

"It's crazy to look at the girl in these videos, watch these performances and remember how I felt in those moments – I remember being so scared in the first video, but fighting for the knee, hands and voice shaking with everything I had – honestly watching these videos made me kind of speechless and nostalgic in the best way, "wrote Cabello. "I will never forget those memories while I live."

She added, "I will never forget that it will never be the same tour singing in the dark in the silent darkness with you and laughing, because there has always been someone who literally shouted until the second to last show. I will always remember the signs you endured. For me during real friends, I will always remember that first performance of Lollapalooza, my first time playing songs from the album, as I thought no one knew me there, but you were there and you knew all the words the Grammy performance in Havana and having my father and my sister on stage with me. I will never forget how grateful I am that you literally realized my dreams. I want to do that as long as I can remember, and you took me on the wildest ride of my life. "

Watch her note and watch the video below.

# 2YearsOfCAMILA pic.twitter.com/eoW2TEHs5R

– camila (@Camila_Cabello) January 13, 2020


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