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Call of Duty Mobile to receive command support, Activision promised

by Ace Damon
Call of Duty Mobile to receive command support, Activision promised

There is no doubt that Call of Duty Mobile is one of today's most popular smartphone games. Since it managed to reach over 100 million installations in just 7 days, putting it ahead of major titles like PUBG and Fortnite.

However, players were ultimately extremely frustrated with Activision's decision to remove support for commands. Importantly, the commands were supported throughout the CoD Mobile testing phase.

Studio has promised that they will soon implement support for commands

Through a post on Reddit, Activision has officially informed the millions of players that will eventually re-deploy this feature. However, they are still in the testing phase and are developing the best way to do so, keeping the balance and fairness in the game intact.

Most likely, they are considering how best to implement this support, especially regarding player pairing. As with the official Tencent emulator, players using controls should not be placed face to face with players using onscreen controls.

I recall that it is currently possible to play Call of Duty Mobile on PC through the official emulator developed by Tencent. In this case, players will only be paired with others using the same emulator. The only way to face players on a smartphone is if you are playing with a friend who doesn't use the emulator. In these situations, both teams will be made up of players from both platforms.

There is still no information to indicate when command support can be implemented. However, we welcome Activision to hear its players. Surely they will be preparing several news for the latest hit in the gaming world in smartphones.

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