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Brigitte Bardot Plays For A Seat In The European Parliament

by Ace Damon
Brigitte Bardot Plays For A Seat In The European Parliament

At the age of 84, an icon of the cinema – Brigitte Bardot will “fight” for a seat in the European Parliament.

The actress Brigitte Bardot announced on Wednesday that she would join the elections to the European Parliament in May of this year, representing the Party Animalista of France.

In an interview with the French newspaper “Var Matin,” the 84-year-old artist reaffirmed her defense for the animals and said that they are “their reason to live,” precisely, for this reason, decided to compete.

According to Bardot, the Party is expected to make a coalition with the ecologist REV in an attempt to ban animal exploitation.

Finally, the Frenchwoman stressed that she “completely” supports the “yellow vests” movement, but, at the moment, she prefers not to join the group for litigation.

Brigitte Bardot is one of the main stars of the French cinema, the protagonist of films like “And God Created the woman,” “Contempt” and “The Truth.”

She became an animal rights activist after moving away from public life.

Brigitte Bardot was born on 28 September 1934 in Paris. The widespread belief that her real name is Camille Javal is incorrect.

Rod Bardo comes from the Lorraine region, the birthplace of her father – a prominent businessman. The mother was a housewife and was engaged in education Brigitte and her younger sister Marie-Jeanne.

When Brigitte was very young, the whole family went to the restaurant. To their table approached the Gypsy, and said that soon the name Bardo glorified all over the world.

The father thought that this would be something to do with his business. He had no idea that twenty years later his daughter will be the sex symbol of Europe.

However, in childhood, Brigitte did not consider herself a beauty. She had a squint, malocclusion, such as a raised lip, and other defects in appearance.

But she was proud of her perfect figure with ideal forms. Parents were delighted with her plastique and grace and determined daughter in ballet school. And in 1947, in spite of rigid selection, Brigitte entered the National Academy of dance.

Here she spent three years studying in the class of Russian choreographer Boris Knyazev.
It was hard not to notice such beauty.


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