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Brazilian foreign trade should not be guided by an ideological agenda, says …

by Ace Damon
Brazilian foreign trade should not be guided by an ideological agenda, says ...

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21:46 18.01.2020 (updated 21:49 18.01.2020) Short URL

At the same time that the relations of the Jair Bolsonaro government with Argentina have deteriorated since the election of Alberto Fernández, Brazil is seeking a commercial approach with India.

President Jair Bolsonaro will travel to India next week, with whom, according to the Ministry of Economy, Brazil plans to increase trade from $ 7 billion to $ 25 billion.

André Nassif, professor of economics at Fluminense Federal University, in an interview with Sputnik Brasil, stated that a commercial approach with India is positive, but that it is not to the detriment of the relationship with neighboring countries.

"Brazil and India are developing countries, although in the past two decades India has defined a strategy, combining technological development with macroeconomic balance, much clearer and more defined than Brazil. for a very 'short-term' agenda, regardless of whether the Bolsonaro government or not, "he noted.

"I have the impression that Brazil's trade strategy should not be guided by a left or right agenda, but by an agenda that is committed to the country's economic and social development," added Nassif.

According to him, the best option for developing countries should be to privilege multilateralism from a global point of view and a rapprochement with developing countries.

"Effectively, what we export to Argentina are manufactured products, much more than commodities, whereas most of our imports from Argentina are agricultural products. So I think that Brazil should not give up a 'share' (sharing) foreign trade, "he said.

The expert also said that it is much more interesting for developing countries to enter into a free trade agreement with developing countries, that is, with countries where the level of income per capita is more similar than with developed countries.

Opinions expressed in this regard may not necessarily coincide with those of Sputnik's editorial office.

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