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Borderlands 3 To Support Cross-Platform?

by Ace Damon
Borderlands 3 To Support Cross-Platform

Borderlands 3 should support cross-platform? Maybe another leak?

Borderlands is surrounded by information leaks since a detail about its gameplay has been revealed in a screenshot that has since been deleted.

It seems that the game will support multi-platforms, at least in their mode of cooperation. This means you can play Borderlands 3 on Xbox One and PC.

PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch were not mentioned.

This information leak appeared in the Microsoft Store.

The game was temporarily there with the information of “Cross-platform co-op” before being completely removed.

Borderlands 3 could be a success on many platforms!

The truth is that this may have been merely an error, hence the description has been deleted.

On the other hand, Gearbox may want to keep any details private.

Since the description is in the Microsoft Store and mentions cross-platform compatibility, we know that Borderlands 3 could have this between the PC and Xbox One.

For now, neither the PlayStation 4 nor the Nintendo Switch will comment on the situation.

However, it is likely that only PlayStation 4 will join the party.

According to the development team, Borderlands 3 will arrive full of news, new weapons and characters.

You can choose between 4 different units each with their own abilities and customization.

The goal will be to prevent Calypso Twins villains from joining the bandit clans to take over the galaxy.

Thus, the game promises to be an adventure for anyone who wants to play alone in story mode.

Borderlands 3 is expected to be released in September.

The date was accidentally revealed on Twitter recently.

Those who pre-book the game will be entitled to an exclusive pack of skins.


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