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Bolivia expels all diplomats from Venezuela

by Ace Damon
Bolivia expels all diplomats from Venezuela

Bolivian caretaker Chancellor Karen Longaric announced Friday that all Venezuelan diplomats will be expelled from the country.

According to her, Venezuelan diplomats were reportedly "involved in internal affairs" in Bolivia.

"There will be a timeframe for leaving the country, because it has been involved in internal state affairs, to the entire diplomatic corps of the Venezuelan embassy in Bolivia representing the government of Mr (Nicolás) Maduro," said the interim government minister. from Bolivia.

According to her, the Venezuelan diplomatic corps "violated diplomatic norms" after the resignation of former President Evo Morales and the subsequent self-proclamation of the interim presidency of Senator Jeanine Áñez.

Previously, Caracas had declared that the process that led to the resignation of Evo Morales was a coup d'état.

Bolivia's situation worsened dramatically following the announcement of Evo Morales's victory in the first round of Bolivia's elections and the opposition's failure to recognize the outcome, which called the election fraud.

Amid the violent protests that have engulfed the country, former President Evo Morales announced his resignation following the demand by the Armed Forces of Bolivia.

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