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Bluetooth Headphones Are Not Only For Gaming

by Ace Damon
Bluetooth Headphones Are Not Only For Gaming

Some Bluetooth headphones are specifically designed for gaming, but they also have some punch that makes them a little better than just for that!

Bluetooth headphones designed for gaming by Run Mus, like the model B-20s, might out of the body be met with a little skepticism, but I put them to the test and I’ve been trying these out almost every day.

I want to say first and foremost I was shocked. If you’re looking for headphones that have bass, these are it, if you’re looking for headphones that have treble these are it too. And if you’re looking for headphones that give you a really good sound — either if you’re listening to music or you’re gaming, these are it.

Bluetooth Headphones Are Not Only For Gaming

Now the other thing that I want to talk about when it comes to these particular headphones (for gaming) is the fact that some of them you can pair to two devices at once!

You are probably wondering why would I want to do that but, if I’m utilizing these headphones while I’m gaming or while I’m listening to music, I have the ability to answer calls while I’m doing that.

That’s an added bonus instead of listening to these headphones and having to take them off go grab my phone because it’s ringing. I can do it all with the click of a button.

The other thing that I liked about these headphones is when you’re done with them they fold for easy storage, they come with the cable that you plug into the headphones and a headphone jack that allows you to plug it into a computer or your gaming system.

One more thing that I really like about these headphones is I got around 15 hours of battery life out of them.

Let’s talk about some cons: these have the Bluetooth technology and that really limits the distance that I can get away.

When using these headphones, if I was utilizing the Bluetooth watching a movie on my laptop, watching the television or even listening to music from my cell phone, as soon as I got around 10 feet (ca. 3 meters) away everything would distort.

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If I went farther than that these things cut off. When I got back to the device that I wanted to connect the Bluetooth with I had to reset up the headphones to that device to make it play again. That was definitely a thumbs down for me.

When it comes to comfort these are what you want. If you’re utilizing these for long periods of time there’s not a lot of padding on these headphones. Typically, when you get brand-new headphones you have to wear them for a couple of weeks to stop the pressure of being on your ears because it’s so tight from them being brand-new, not the case with these.

I had these on my ears every single day and two things that I noticed one that the pressure from these headphones stayed on my ears because there’s not a lot of padding, so if you’re doing some long-term gaming and you want something for hours at a time there might not be better options out there.

Since AirPods were released we’ve seen a ton of options pop up. So much so new prices are coming up. Some $19 to $29. That’s the range.

I wish the AirPods had more padding because they don’t fit all ears.


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