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'Biggest piece of government propaganda ever made', says professor on video of …

by Ace Damon
'Biggest piece of government propaganda ever made', says professor on video of ...


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Video of the ministerial meeting that had its secrecy released on Friday (22) makes Jair Bolsonaro "come out much stronger" and "connects government to its popular base", anthropologist told Sputnik Brasil.

The April 22 meeting was cited by former Justice Minister Sergio Moro as evidence of President Jair Bolsonaro's interference with the Federal Police (PF), a reason the former judge allegedly resigned from the government.

Following Moro's complaints, the Attorney General's Office on April 24 requested an investigation into the Supreme Federal Court (STF) on the alleged interference. Three days later, Minister Celso de Mello, who released the confidential video of the meeting, authorized the investigation.

For Piero Leirner, professor at the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar), the "result" of the disclosure "was the" biggest piece of government propaganda ever made "in the current administration.

'Case thought'

The anthropologist casts doubts on what led Bolsonaro to deliver the video and believes that everything may have been done in a "thoughtful case". For him, "it is better not to underestimate the government's ability to take two steps forward".

"There was no reluctance to deliver the video. At the time, General Augusto Heleno could have said: 'I will not deliver. What are you going to do?'. There was already a precedent. Renan Calheiros refused to receive notification from the Supreme Court of removal from the presidency. Senate. What happened? Nothing. So it was just tapping your foot and nothing was going to happen, "Leirner told Sputnik Brasil.

The researcher refers to a fact that occurred on December 5, 2016, when Calheiros refused to receive a court official who brought notification from Minister Marco Aurélio Mello determining his removal from the presidency of the House. Two days later, the majority of the STF ministers overturned Marco Aurélio's injunction and Calheiros remained in charge of the Senate.

For the anthropologist, the video content shows no attempt by the president to interfere in ongoing investigations. In addition, he says that there is nothing in the legislation that prohibits the president from appointing the head of the Federal Police.

'Video is advertising'

"The interference that would be problematic would be in the investigation. Bolsonaro has the legal right to produce appointments and exonerations in the executive, in positions that are nominated, but not in the public tenders. There is nothing in the legislation determining the autonomy of the PF. This is absurd created by Lava Jato. But that's not what matters. What matters is that the video is an advertisement. Anyone can see this, and certainly Celso de Mello saw it. Releasing the video shows that this process is very suspicious, shows that this conflict has a combined game character ", affirmed Piero Leirner.

Minister Celso de Mello authorizes access to video of ministerial meeting. The rapporteur's decision in Inquiry 4831 (Moro / Bolsonaro Case) releases video and recording of its content to any citizen. https://t.co/8MNNJ7DHCo

– STF (@STF_oficial) May 22, 2020

Carlos Sávio Gomes Teixeira, professor at the Department of Political Science at the Federal Fluminense University (UFF), agrees that the video released on Friday (22) "does not contain any evidence against Bolsonaro", in order to confirm a possible interference from the president in PF.

Also in statements to Sputnik Brasil, the academic believes that the images in question reveal only "what analysts already knew about the spirit without intellectual refinement of the members of the government", but, at the same time, "its disclosure was now great politically for the government, as it diverts attention from the problems arising from the coronavirus crisis, which, for the first time, threatened to erode the government ".

'Video shows much more than Moro suggested'

Contrary to those of the two specialists, Eugênia Rosa Cabral, professor and current coordinator of the Graduate Program in Political Science at the Federal University of Pará (UFPA), says that "the video shows much more than Moro suggested".

"It shows what the government thinks and does in various fields: environmental, political, cultural and social. I am perplexed, indignant and ashamed! If everything shown in the video is enough for the institutions to take action, then I do not know. We don't know, for sure! ", She told Sputnik Brasil.

Formally, according to Cabral, the content of this ministerial meeting a month ago "has everything it needs to overthrow the current president", but it is not possible to know yet "if the political actors are interested in taking the process forward and ending with this (de) government ".

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