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Biden increases advantage over Sanders in "mini-show"

by Ace Damon
Biden increases advantage over Sanders in "mini-show"

Pre-presidential candidate Joe Biden won the Democratic previews of this "Minute" (10), when six states allocated 352 delegates to the party's internal nomination dispute. With that, he managed to maintain the momentum of Super Tuesday (3), which cast him as a favorite in the internal presidential race, and became the candidate most likely to face President Donald Trump in the November 3 elections.

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The moderate Democrat won by a wide margin in Michigan, the state with the most delegates at stake on Tuesday and where socialist candidate Bernie Sanders had high expectations of winning, since in the 2016 previews against Hillary Clinton he had achieved a big victory there and kept his campaign alive.

Biden achieved an even better performance in Missouri and Mississippi, and also declared victory in Idaho.

Both were technically tied in Washington State, with a small margin of vote in favor of the Vermont senator. But the result was also considered disappointing for Sanders, because four years ago he had won 70% of the delegates in the dispute with Clinton.

In North Dakota, which until Wednesday morning had 77% of the ballot box counted, the socialist candidate had a small advantage, but was tied with the former vice president in the number of delegates.

With these results, Biden made a difference of 160 delegates over Sanders and is approaching faster than the 1,991 needed to get the Democratic nomination.

By the end of March, 739 more delegates will be allocated and it will be clearer whether or not the Democratic convention will be challenged, that is, whether a second round of votes will be required at the party's national meeting if none of the candidates will get the majority of the compromised delegates. during the first vote. The second round involves the participation of the superdelegates, who are usually elected politicians and bigwigs of the party, who tend to vote for Biden, considered the candidate of the Democratic establishment.

Democratic previews run through June 6 and the national convention is scheduled to take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, between July 13 and 16.


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