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Ben Platt’s Songs From ‘The Politician’ Get New Life on Just-Released EP

by Ace Damon
Ben Platt's Songs From 'The Politician' Get New Life on Just-Released EP

Ben Platt is bringing the Netflix song The Politician to life with a new EP of the show's songs, released on Tuesday (October 22). Music from the original Netflix series The politician is currently available from Atlantic Records on all digital streaming platforms.

The tracks include three reworked classics – Joni Mitchell's “River”, Billy Joel's “Vienna” and Stephen Sondheim's “Unworthy of Your Love”, the last of which Platt performs as a duet with his co-star Zoey Deutch – and "Run Away" from Platt's debut studio album, Sing to Me instead.

Emmy-winning star Grammy and Tony pack each track with their refined Broadway chops, sugar-coated high notes, spectacular vocal range and melodic piano.

In an interview with NMEPlatt explained how he and showrunner Ryan Murphy created the limited range of songs in the Netflix series. "I think we were both very careful to make sure that the moments always seemed to accentuate the story, and that they seemed organic to the action and were not like us just trying to make excuses for me to appear," he said. I think it's very good how few of them exist makes them much more meaningful. And it was so fun singing with Zoey. "

Listen to the entire EP below.


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