Bachelor Party ShirtsWild and Sassy Or Not
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Bachelor Party ShirtsWild and Sassy Or Not

Ooh boy! The bachelor party. A night or weekend of pure pleasure. The last chance for the groom to enjoy the single life before tying the knot. There are a lot of traditions associated with bachelor parties. Drinking, being a bit wild and seeing strippers are some of the more well-known examples. Not all bachelor parties get wild and crazy.

Some bachelor parties are more laid back. Perhaps the groom and a few friends will go to a ball game, have a big cookout in a friend’s back yard, or go on a camping trip together. Alcohol may or may not play a big part of the festivities. However, there are some things that most bachelor parties have in common.

The main thing is that all of them are both a celebration of the groom’s past single life, as well as his future of wedded bliss. Now, let’s be honest, such a situation is going to be a breeding ground for guys to kid around with one another. And it’s that humor that can make or break a bachelor party.

Before you go too far though, it’s best to have a good idea of the groom’s feelings about marriage. You can have fun, but you don’t want to go so far that you…Never mind! Have fun. Let him have it! He’s not going to be single for much longer and it’s up to the guests at the party to rib him mercilessly.

There will be plenty of jokes about the “ball and chain”, as well as a few tales of married life from those who have already experienced weddings of their own.

Remember, the bachelor party is all about having fun. So go for it! However, you should pay attention to how the groom is reacting. You may have to ease up from time to time, or remind him that it’s all in good fun. But this doesn’t happen as often as you think.

This is his last chance to enjoy the single life, so let loose. It’s okay to get a little crazy, or a lot crazy if that suits the party goers better. Have everybody wear funny hats, then make the groom wear one that is big, gaudy and flashy. Maybe you could all wear ties that light up, but wear them with T-shirts instead of button-downs.

Speaking of T-shirts. These can be a great way to have fun, and have an item that everyone can keep as a souvenir. You can get creative and come up with a checklist of things the groom has to do during the party. The checklist is then printed right on the shirt for all to see. This will encourage others to join in the fun. Or, a phrase that refers to his “loss of freedom”, like “State Prison Inmate: Life Sentence – Marriage Without Parole”. Something as simple as “I Survived Benny’s Bachelor Party” is always a good stand by.