Bachelor Party Ideas
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Bachelor Party Ideas

Getting married is supposed to be a once in a lifetime event. Perhaps that’s why there is so much celebration–before and after–that goes along with getting hitched. One of the most enjoyable traditions for soon to be grooms is the bachelor party. It is normally the best man who is in charge of making the party happen, though there are exceptions. If you are in charge of throwing the party, then here are some bachelor party ideas to help you.

1. Remember the guest of honor. The bachelor party is meant as a sort of send off for the groom. It’s supposed to be a farewell to the single life, and a welcome into married life. The general idea is that this will be his last chance to enjoy being single. While everybody should have fun, you need to make sure the things you plan will be okay with the groom.

2. Strippers, This is one of the big issues surrounding bachelor parties. Should you get a stripper or not, Before answering, consider the groom’s feelings on the matter. Also, if there will be guests that are offended by strippers, then you may need to schedule different events for earlier in the day, then watch the strippers later on.

3. Location. Where you have the bachelor party will play a large part in what you can and can’t do. If you have it at a friend’s house, then you don’t need to worry about transportation, as everybody would drive themselves. However, if you plan on going out all night and hitting the bars, then you may want to hire a bus so nobody will drive after having a few drinks.

4. Mild or wild, Believe it or not, not every guy wants to get stinking drunk and stare at naked women all night for their bachelor party. Other options include going to a ballgame, having a backyard barbecue, or going on a group camping trip. However, if the groom wants to have a wild time, then as the planner, it’s your responsibility to make sure it happens.

5. Go coed. Wait! What, A coed bachelor party, Aren’t these parties supposed to be for men only, That used to be the case, but more and more couples are combining the bride’s and groom’s pre-wedding parties into one big shindig. And, yes, some of them still include strippers. Why not, Granted, this isn’t something everybody may want to do, but it’s definitely worth considering if you think the groom will go for it.

These are only a few bachelor party ideas to get you started. As long as you keep the groom in mind while planning, you can be sure that he will have a good time. Of course you need to do your best to make sure all of the guests will have fun, too. That’s why planning ahead is so important; it helps you work out any potential problems ahead of time, and will have things running smoothly so everybody can have a good time.