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Baby Yoda is going to hurt someone in ‘The Mandalorian’ Chapter 7

by Ace Damon
Baby Yoda is going to hurt someone in 'The Mandalorian' Chapter 7

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Sure, Baby Yoda looks cute, but the lovely Star Wars pistachio has startled our heroes this week when he let out Cara Dune laugh after confusing his arm wrestling competition with the Mandalorian as a real fight.

He is no longer the curious type of watching them fight in the street while drinking their bone broth. Maybe the baby has seen a lot of violence since running away, and he decides to put an end to Gina Carano's Vader character before Mando distracts him with an armored hug.

The action takes place midway through Chapter 7 of Director Deborah Chow, titled The Reckoning, after Pedro Pascal's Mando returned to recruit the former rebel rebel soldier to join him when he returns to Navarro at the invitation of Greef Cargo to hit. accounts cleaning up the accounts. the imperials who are still sending emissaries to chase him and babyface around the galaxy. The plan: bring the child as bait, kill the client as his stormtrooper entourage, and everything will be in line with the bounty hunter guild. "I look forward to your arrival optimistically," said Cargo, played by Carl Weathers.

It's the best offer Mando has been receiving for a while, but he doesn't trust it. Recruiting Cara Dune to join you increases the odds in your favor. She is initially reluctant to leave the hideout, but when she hears that the target is an Imperial, she is ready to take down. "I'm in," she says instantly. But they need another one – a nanny, because violent attacks on a gang of disgraced soldiers are no place for a baby.

Mando returns to the only other being who trusts Ugnaut Kuiil (voiced by Nick Nolte), who restored the fallen killer droid IG-11 (voiced by Taika Waititi) into a sort of rustic butler. Droid grandfather Mando can barely be around the robot, let alone accept tea from him.

"Still a hunter?" I ask.

"No," said the pig-like alien. "But it will protect."

Kuiil tries to argue with the masked hero: the droids are not good or bad, but "neutral reflexes of those who print them." As he explains his droid rehabilitation and reprogramming process, using patience and "affirmation," Kuiil ends up giving Mando some good advice for his parents. Kuiil agrees to accompany Mando and Dune back to Navarro, protecting the child as they carry out their attack.

He reveals that he was once a "hired servant" of the Empire, and he will not accept any payment for this help. He is doing this only "to protect the child from imperial slavery."

On board the Razor Crest, things take a turn. Baby confuses Dune and Mando's sport for an attack, and he closes her air ticket with a wave of her three-pronged claw. Even the unshakable Kuiil is frightened, remembering Mando's story of how the baby had raised the Mudhorn beast using apparent mystical powers. Kuiil said he heard of such skills while in the Empire, which makes Dune, an AWOL rebel, suspicious of him.

It only gives way after the alien recounts the agony he experienced as a slave, and the wound is too deep to heal.

Kuiil, Mando, Baby Yoda and Cara Dune meet with Greef Cargo and his team.

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