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Avengers games will be delayed until September

by Ace Damon
Avengers games will be delayed until September

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Crystal Dynamics' upcoming Marvel's Avengers game has been considerably delayed. The game was due for release on May 15 but was delayed to September 4. The announcement was made on Crystal Dynamics Twitter via a page created for the game.

Therefore, according to Crystal Dynamics, the game was delayed to "improve and polish to make the game fun". This statement will surely reassure some fans who have been disillusioned with some graphic aspects of the game, such as the faces of some actors like Black Widow.

Delay May Impair Game Success

While delay may be beneficial to game development, timing is awful. This is because the movie Black Widow will premiere in May, the original release date of the game. This would have been a perfect opportunity to cross-promote the game and the movie.

September may not be the most relevant release date as it will be post-summer and pre-winter. Therefore, the game will not catch up with the summer blockbusters or the holiday season when sales are boosted by the holiday season.


It remains to be seen whether despite the time window the game will be satisfactory and will do justice to the Marvel superhero team. The truth is that the video game industry doesn't have a good track record adapting movies to games. Ironically, the reverse happens.

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