Automate Your Life and Your Business

Automate Your Life and Your Business

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or that you’re running out of time, or that you just don’t know what to do next then that means that your life is too busy, too overcrowded and the one thing you might have heard from people is that you need to outsource yourself. You need to hire someone to answer emails, hire something to pay your bills or answer your other mail and a better solution is instead to use technology to automate as much as your life as possible because this is mostly free and accomplishes the same goal. The goal that you have more free time, time to think and time to do what you’ve always wanted. To automate yourself, automate those things you can such as bills, schedule, organise and plan ahead and systematise what’s left.

The number one thing you can do if nothing is automated is automate your bill payments. The majority of monthly bills that you have to pay including your mortgage or rent, your utility bills, taxes and entertainment can be on automatic pilot. These companies actually prefer if you set up some kind of recurring payment and put your bank account details or credit card information on file because the computer does all the work. The computer bills everyone for them and for you, and all you have to worry about is having enough money in that account.

You’re going to pay those bills anyway, why take the risk of having late payments, being stressed out or having to worry or think about paying those bills when you can just have money in the account and have it get deducted. For those few bills that do not offer automatic billing can still receive your automatic bills. What you can do is go to your bank, and most banks have a bill paying system where every month they will send a certain amount of money to a specific address. For those bills that you pay that are about the same every month where they won’t automatically charge you, you can send these without you having to do anything.

The next thing that will help you automate your life is to schedule as much as possible. I use a tool called Google Calendar and most of my life is on there. I don’t over schedule, I don’t schedule silly things like free time but if I have to be somewhere, if I have to present something or go to someone’s party, or hang out I will put that in the calendar. That way I won’t have any surprises. A pop up will appear the day before or an hour before something happens so that if I have to do anything from getting on an airplane to calling someone on the phone at a certain time, it’s all scheduled and organised.

Many times I’ll schedule things that are even a month or two away. If I have to check on something in three months I’ll schedule that in my calendar today so that I don’t have to worry about it between now and that three month period. What’s also great about a tool such as Google Calendar is it can sync to your various mobile devices like tablets and phones, and other people can share their calendars with you and vice versa. This means if you want to have a calendar for your family, for your spouse, for your business partners, you can view it all on one screen.

I’m not saying that you will be able to completely automate your entire life. For example I update a blog regularly and for that blog I want to be the one that writes the articles. When you have tasks that you really do have to complete what you can do is systematise these or create a checklist. Let’s say that you made money setting up websites and you went through the same steps every single time. Well make a list of those ten or twenty steps that you take and that way, when you’re setting up a website, you do it quickly, you do it the same way every time and if you ever got to the point where you wanted to outsource you just have to give someone your checklist or system for doing that.