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Attacks on two bars in Germany leave at least nine dead

by Ace Damon
Attacks on two bars in Germany leave at least nine dead

Content updated at 7:10 AM on 2/20/2020

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A gunman left at least nine people dead and several injured in Hanau, Germany, on Wednesday night (19).

Shootings took place around 10 pm (6 pm in Brasilia) in two shisha bars – establishments where people gather to smoke hookahs.

After hours of searching, the local police reported that the suspect was found dead in his home. According to the German newspaper Bild, he was 43 years old. There was also the body of another person, who, according to information from the BBC, would be the suspect's mother, bringing the total death toll to 11. There is no indication of another perpetrator of the attacks, according to the police.

German authorities are treating the case as terrorism. Some said there was evidence that the sniper was a right-wing extremist. In the bars where the shootings took place, the clientele was predominantly Kurdish.

According to the Bild website, the suspect left a video and a letter of confession, in which he spoke of the need to destroy certain peoples who can no longer be expelled from Germany. This information, however, has not been confirmed by the police.

According to Hessenschau, a sniper opened fire on patrons of a bar in the city center, killing three people. Witnesses report hearing eight or nine shots. Then he went to a second bar in another neighborhood in the city, where he killed five people. The authorities later reported yet another death.

The police conducted a major search operation in the city with the support of a helicopter. A large area around the crime scenes was isolated, and police were guarding the locations armed with machine guns.

A person was captured by police, but it is not known if he was one of the suspects, reported Vorsprung Online, which published a video of detention.

Hanau is 25 kilometers east of Frankfurt, in western Germany, and has about 100,000 inhabitants.

A video recorded moments after the shooting at the "Midnight" bar, the first target of criminals, was shared on social media. "Someone came in with a gun and killed people," describes the witness who recorded the video.

The hookah, also called a shisha, is a type of hookah used to smoke flavored tobacco. Hookah bars and cafes are very common in German cities.

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