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Ariana Grande: Sweetener – Album Review

by Ace Damon
Ariana Grande: Sweetener - Album Review

Today I’m gonna be doing a review of Ariana Grande‘s new album: Sweetener.

I couldn’t wait to record this video, because I liked the album so much! It is different from her previous album, but it is so beautiful!

It reminds me of her first album because the songs are so sweet, they aren’t like they were in the Dangerous woman album, which I prefer to Sweetener.

I mean, the Dangerous woman will always be my favorite album, I think because there are my absolute favorite songs, but Sweetener is amazing too.

I’m gonna be talking only about this last album.

Ariana Grande Sweetener

As the first song we have RAINDROPS (an angel cried), which is the intro of the album and according to me, it’s really heavenly! It is so beautiful and I’m really sorry it is that short!

Because this song enhances her voice a lot! it has this atmosphere that drives me crazy! Really, I love it so much!

It is the perfect intro for an album! Now let’s move to BLAZED, which is a collaboration with Pharrell Williams.

To be honest it doesn’t really drive me crazy. I mean.. There are some parts that I like very much, the rhythm takes me a lot into the song.

It’s too repetitive in some parts and I personally don’t like too many reps. I understand why singers like to make these types of songs: for the public, the song is easier to memorize this way and so they know that everyone will sing the song with them.

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But I don’t really like too much when there are so many reps… I think it’s a bit boring. Anyway, I still think that this song is pretty, adding up everything.

The third song is THE LIGHT IS COMING ft. Nicki Minaj and… what can I say about this song? It’s the song I like the least about all the album for the same reason I told you before… It’s really too repetitive and it doesn’t sweet Ariana’s voice at all… it doesn’t even seem a song of hers.

To be honest, when I first heard it I was disappointed… because the title was very interesting and so I expected more… To be honest I like Nicki’s part more… I also like the meaning of the song, the lyrics…

But the music, the arrangement, all the reps.. so for me this song is the worst of the album and I don’t understand why Ariana chose it as a single.

Now let’s move to R.E.M., which is the song that has been more publicized by Ari, not counting the singles, and so I expected something more from this song… Now you are thinking that I’m criticizing all of the songs but it’s just that these two songs: The light is coming and R.E.M.

Are the songs that I like the least, but the light is coming much less than R.E.M. But then my favorite songs will arrive and so I’m gonna be doing many compliments.

Ariana Grande Sweetener

From R.E.M. I expected more. Sometimes it bores me a bit… but it is still pretty… there are some parts that I like, it’s a very sweet song.

The problem isn’t that I don’t like it. I simply like all of the other songs more, I consider it a bit boring compared to the others and I expected more because of all the advertising that Ariana has made around it.

I consider all of the songs of this album enough sweet because the album is just called Sweetener, so it was to be expected. The only problem is that maybe there are many songs too similar to each other.

I prefer Dangerous woman for this reason. There are many songs with a variety of styles between each other. There are songs that are really eventful, such as Side to side or Into you, and then there are some sweet and emotional songs such as Touch it or Thinking ’bout you.

It’s a more varied album. But I like many cheerful songs too, so I appreciate so much Sweetener too! but I still think she could make more songs with more variety to each other, the first time I listened to it some songs seemed all the same to me.

Then we have GOD IS A WOMAN, which is my absolute favorite song of the album. It has a wonderful meaning and I also absolutely love the video: it is something of stunning!

It’s her best video ever! I absolutely love this song because Ariana has always been a feminist and so with this song and this video she wanted to value the woman, to make understand the importance of the woman to those who still didn’t understand it.

So I thank her so much for showing how much we are worth in this awesome way.

I really love this song too much! And now we already have some live performances of this song and honestly, they are heaven! This song valorizes Ari’s voice so much! Really, it is stunning.. it is PERFECTION!

And now we have SWEETENER, which is another song with many reps but made in a more beautiful way.  It is a cheerful choir!

I think this is the song that reminds me more of Yours Truly! It’s a very cheerful and sweet song and I think Ariana decided to call this song “Sweetener” as the title of the album for this reason!

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Now we have SUCCESSFUL. It doesn’t convince me… I would say that it is still pretty but there are many songs that I like more and the breaths at the end could be considered a little equivocal, even if they don’t remind “that thing” to me.

It is a pretty song, but there are many better songs. And now we have EVERYTIME, which I think is my third favorite song of this album. The rhythm, the whole song! It is a little less sweet than some others and it is different from the other songs!

The high notes at the end are something spatial! Ariana has already sung this song live and she sings them perfectly! In my opinion, this song enhances her voice so much too!

Now we have BREATHING and this song is life! It is my second favorite song of the album after God is a woman.

The atmosphere that it creates is wonderful. This song is different from the others too!

It’s very intense as a song! The high notes at the end are really very beautiful and this song enhances Ariana’s voice so much too! This song is perfection!

I already noticed it when I first heard it! This song was the first to really hit me!

And now we have NO TEARS LEFT TO CRY. What can I say? Obviously, I like so much this song too!

Even if there are better songs! But I like it also because this is the first song of the album that has come out. I like the lyrics, the music, the way that this song enhances Ariana’s voice, obviously the video too, because it did a lot to make this song a hit!

This is my second favorite Ariana’s video after God is a woman.

Now we have BORDERLINE featuring Missy Elliot. This song has been enough criticized by many people, maybe it was the most criticized song on Instagram when the album came out. And I don’t understand why because I like this song!

I really like the beat! It isn’t one of my favorite songs but I still like it! Maybe it hasn’t got a precise particularity, for this reason, it didn’t impress many people.

I like the rhythm, the progress of the song. Maybe I don’t like much just the Missy part. He sings very little and so I don’t feel it, doesn’t seem a real collaboration to me. But I still think it’s really pretty and I don’t understand all of these criticisms addressed to this song!

BETTER OFF – This song isn’t much in the style of Ariana and it is so particular! It’s almost emotional.

It isn’t very intense, it is enough to quiet and for this reason, I like it! It is really particular! And the lyrics convinced me too.

Now we have GOODNIGHT N GO. This song is really relaxing, especially towards the end! I think I’m going to use this song as a lullaby! The beginning, instead, is enough pumped up, enough cheerful and so I like this difference between the end and the beginning!

I love the lyrics, the development of the song. In my opinion, this is one of the best songs of the album!


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