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April Fool’s Day Banned On Microsoft?

by Ace Damon
April Fool's Day Banned On Microsoft

Microsoft banned its employees from “Lying Day” other companies should imitate?

The Microsoft wants to banish the “April Fool’s Day,” at least in their offices.

The American company is committed not to make jokes about this holiday for several reasons, even motivating a letter to employees not to carry out these practices.

We speak, however, the Fool’s Day, April 1.

And the truth is, if we look at their arguments, no matter how humorless they seem, they make sense.

Because the tech community is full of rumors and leaks that condition the market before the releases, and this day not only increases that but also confronts us with false news and disappointments like Clippy.

Microsoft wants to ban the Day of the Lie; But why?

Do not misunderstand us, Web Market Shop loves celebrations, and we will always be willing to make a good joke if necessary.

Microsoft, for its part, has a good case for not wanting to make these jokes in their offices.

It’s simple: “unwanted news cycles.”

According to The Verge, Microsoft’s chief marketing officer, Chris Capossela, has sent out an internal memo that warns all employees not to participate in the jokes of the day that will take place on April 1, that is, Monday.

Capossela explains that “the data tell us that these maneuvers have a limited positive impact and can lead to unwanted news cycles.”

The allusion is clear. A few days ago false news surfaced that Microsoft apparently resurrected the legendary Clippy, Word’s nosy wizard.

This announcement comes shortly after this case that occurred after Microsoft employees turned Clippy into a bundle of stickers.

Because of this, such false rumors have surfaced.

Google, Amazon, and others should follow the example?

First, we need to make a nuance: we do not want to ban any Day of the Lie.

But we believe that other companies like Google, Amazon, and others should avoid April Fool’s Day as much as possible.

Disinformation is standard today, and every detail to try to throw an idea that is not true internet can generate a wave of unwanted news fakes.

In fact, even when they refuse, people continue to use them as weapons.

And a joke in bad taste, like “Microsoft buys Sony” can give us a day of false headlines and constant misinformation.

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