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Apple Pay causes some New York City subway users to be charged twice

by Ace Damon
Apple Pay causes some New York City subway users to be charged twice

Apple Pay released in 2019 Express Transit, which allows you to pay for public transport tickets in some cities without unlocking the iPhone or Apple Watch. The feature is practical, but under the New York City's OMNY system, some users are being charged twice.

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This has been the case with passengers who activated Express Transit on Apple Pay but decided to pay for their ticket with the physical card. The traditional method is even more advantageous for those who use the monthly ticket, for example.

According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), which manages public transportation in New York, users are leaving their cell phone or watch too close to the turnstile reader when using the physical card, which causes the double charge.

The New York subway also supports Google Pay, but the problem with duplicate payments seems to be occurring only with Apple Pay users. The agency says it is working with Apple to solve the problem, but notes that the system is working correctly for most users.

"We have been notified by about 30 passengers in more than 5 million approaches so far about unintentional charges when Express Transit on their iPhones is enabled," OMNY chief of MTA Al Putre told Gothamist.

One Metro New York (OMNY) is an approach payment system launched in 2019 by the MTA. The agency has taken readers supporting the new platform to 90 stations and plans to offer them across the subway by the end of this year. The goal is to end the physical card in 2023.

In Brazil, Apple Pay and Google Pay can be used on the Rio de Janeiro subway and some São Paulo buses. Readers used for physical shipping cards are also compatible with some credit cards.

With information: The verge.


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