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Apple Patenter Promises "Hump-Free" Cameras

by Ace Damon
Apple Patenter Promises "Hump-Free" Cameras

Technology has evolved in smartphones and cameras are the most important points. Apple now plans to reduce its hump in the iPhones cameras. At least that is what the new patent refers to.

A patent registered by Apple promises to offer a new sensor ideology inside the cameras on a smartphone. The main objective is to reduce the size of the lens and to attach the lens of the chassis of the equipment as much as possible.

Apple patents for new cameras

While for many these risks are not well founded, what these risks give us is a new ideology of creating smartphone sensors.

On the left side we will find 3 "glasses" inside the chamber. By placing glass differently, Apple is able to offer more zoom quality while reducing the size of the glass. The first image refers to a lens between 80mm and 200mm, equivalent to a 35mm lens on a DSLR. Perfect for a telephoto camera.

Already the second image on the right we see about 5 glasses inside the camera. This gives us a photograph with a "normal" lens and a focal length of 50mm to 85mm.

Understand the logic of the patent

Apple iPhone 11

In short, to get out of technical data that neither I like. By placing glasses inside the lens with different curvatures, the captured image will be enhanced and above all in a finer shape. However, it is worth remembering that it will not be quite simple to be able to insert 5 pieces of glass into a few millimeter lens.

That is why a patent does not guarantee that the product will go out to the public. We have confirmed that Apple is working to reduce the hump of smartphone lenses and this is the most important information.

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