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Apple Hires Artificial Intelligence Expert Who Served On Google

by Ace Damon
Apple Hires Artificial Intelligence Expert Who Served On Google

Apple just hired an artificial intelligence expert who served on Google.

The Apple managed to “steal” more an expert in artificial intelligence from Google: after John Giannandrea start working in the company during the end of 2018, is now the turn of Ian Goodfellow leaving the Internet giant and move to Cupertino.

Goodfellow, who has worked on several projects at the branch at Google, joins Apple as a member of the “Special Projects Group” and assumes the role of director of machine learning.

The move took place in March this year, with Goodfellow updating his LinkedIn profile on Wednesday (4).

The specialist is one of the greatest researchers in the field of artificial intelligence, commonly cited in the didactic bibliography on the subject.

Prior to Google, Ian worked for the OpenAI consortium founded by Elon Musk.

Apple applies machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to several of its products: the virtual assistant Siri and FaceID, used to unlock iPhones and iPads through facial recognition, apply AI concepts to enhance their workings.

Apple also has a developing project related to autonomous automotive technology. It is likely that Ian Goodfellow will lead these initiatives.

Goodfellow is known to have created a development method known as “Generative Adversarial Networks” (“GAN”).

This format consists of positioning two conflicting neural networks (a “generator” and a “discriminatory” one) to generate creative and differentiated results in audio, video and text format.

It is a fairly applied concept in creating media content known as “deepfake”.

Ian Goodfellow holds a Ph.D from the University of Montreal and, according to an income tax return, earned approximately $800,000 in the year he worked for OpenAI.


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