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Apple analyzes iCloud files to combat child abuse

by Ace Damon
Apple analyzes iCloud files to combat child abuse

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Apple has been accused in more than one situation of not collaborating with investigations involving data that users store on the iPhone. The company, however, identifies and analyzes what is sent to iCloud to combat crimes such as child abuse.

This is what the Forbes, who had access to the testimony of an Apple employee that indicates how illegal files on iCloud are detected. According to the professional, the identification is made from extensive material.

Apple's systems are able to compare files uploaded by users with those from a list of photos and videos of past child abuse cases. When something suspicious is identified, the material is flagged and quarantined.

If the file is part of an email, Apple stops delivering the message. Then, a company employee analyzes the material and activates agencies such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), which sue the authorities. NCMEC, by the way, maintains the database with materials from old cases to combat child pornography. In addition to Apple, the list is used by services like Tumblr and Telegram.

In the case reported by the employee, Apple also revealed the data of the user who intended to send the files by email. The company shared with authorities information such as the name, address and cell phone number where the files were fired.

Criticism for Apple's alleged lack of contribution surfaced earlier this year by U.S. President Donald Trump. The company stated at the time that it did not have access to the data saved on the iPhone, but pointed out that sharing backups that were stored on iCloud.

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