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Anthem: Everything About The Expected EA Game

by Ace Damon
Anthem: Everything About The Expected EA Game

Inspired by Destiny, the game focuses on cooperative action in the open world and collecting loot.

Anthem is the new game of Electronic Arts for PS4, Xbox One and PC released on Friday (22), which is under the care of BioWare, company known for the Dragon Age franchise.

Announced in 2017, the game called attention to your inspiration in Destiny, offering four playable classes that allow unique strategies in the midst of missions, and for their beautiful graphics.

What is Anthem?

Anthem is an open-world action game that will primarily have a cooperative multiplayer focus for up to four people.

It has countless expeditions to follow the story, as well as combats against enemies that guarantee loots essential for the manufacture of ever better items.

The story takes place in a world plagued by the power of the Hymn of Creation, a source of energy that was used by the gods to give rise to the whole existence – including wonderful lands, huge monsters, and so on.

Before the work of creation was finished, the gods disappeared, and the sources of power were dispersed throughout the Earth, losing control and provoking cataclysms capable of changing the world and corrupting all who tried to control them.

This event forced society to take shelter in completely isolated strongholds and to create a force capable of exploiting the surroundings to collect resources essential to survival.

This group is called Freelancers and the player, taking control of a member, can use the combat armor called Spears, which grants superhuman abilities. Anthem has four classes of Spears for players to mount their squadrons.

Thanks to Spears, the player can explore the scenery both horizontally and vertically, as they allow a free flight across the region.

It is possible to choose between four types of armor:

Patrol: defined as the most balanced and ideal for beginners;

Colossus: large armor, slow and ideal to withstand blows and to cause massive damage;

Interceptor: press for speed and evasion, although it is not capable of causing much damage;

Storm: capable of delivering large-scale elemental attacks.

As each Spear has unique abilities and its pros and cons, squad composition is essential to make combos and optimize the damage to be done by adding an interesting layer of strategy to the game.

It is also possible to customize armatures freely – including color, texture, equipment and more specific parts.

The missions have levels of difficulty that initially consist of easy, normal and difficult; after reaching level 30, Grandmaster 1, Grandmaster 2 and Grandmaster 3 difficulty will be unlocked.

Although enemies will be much stronger at these advanced levels, items found by players will also be better, justifying the challenge. If players wish to venture into the Grandmaster 3 difficulty, they should preferably be equipped with a legendary Spear armor, which is the rarest type of game.

That means you have to play a lot to be able to face the biggest challenges in the game.

Does the game only run online? Yes. Even if players want to take advantage of Anthem alone, they should be connected to the servers so that the game can store all of their information.

Besides, multiplayer modes, at least so far, will only be aimed at the cooperative – that is, it will not be possible to fight against other players.

All history decisions are made on a particular basis. So if someone joins a friend’s session, it’s this friend who will drive the goals. If the signed contract goes to a level far above the invited friend, the game will try to balance the mission so that it is not as easy or as difficult for the group.

In the end, the story mission will not be marked as completed by the invited friend, but all items won can be taken by him.

At first, Anthem will not have multiplayer crossplay, but BioWare will consider adding the feature in the future. Anthem’s expeditions will have different levels of difficulty and will reward items.

BioWare intends to feed Anthem with free expansions of history to keep its community always active. The game will not have a Season Pass, but there will be cosmetic items that can be purchased with the game currency or with real money.

Also, it has already been confirmed that the game will not have loot boxes and that players will be aware of what they will be acquiring. Cosmetic items involve armor sets and emotes; it may be that new armor launches are launched in the future, but there are still no confirmations.

Requirements for playing on PC and FPS rate on consoles:

Because of their high-quality graphics and intense action with many particle effects, there are players who are considering playing Anthem on the PC but are worried about what it will require of the machine to properly.

As a result, BioWare has released the minimum and recommended requirements so that everyone can prepare and decide on which platform to buy.


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