Anniversary embroidered gift ideas
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Anniversary embroidered gift ideas

People better appreciate gifts if they are personally made for them. Gifts for anniversaries are no different. People can actually make gifts for couples. Some even prefer it that way because the gifts are more personalized and more fitting to the people who will receive them. One problem though is the actual process of making the gift.

Some people do not have the time anymore to make gifts. With people constantly on the go, they cannot anymore devote time to knit a sweater or make a photo album.
As compromise, some people just buy items that are already made and then make it more personalized by adding design elements such as embroideries and stitchings. Below are some great gift items that you can tinker with and embroider for a more personalized touch.

Hats off.
One idea is to give matching hats or caps to the couples. There are a lot of head gears that you can choose from, bonnets, straw hats and berets. What you can do is to embroider their names in the hat or cap. If you are not much into embroideries, you can just improvise and buy a patch that you can stitch on the item. Initials will also work on caps as well as other designs such as geometric shapes for men and flowers for women. Another idea is to put a continuing phrase on both caps such as Love is blind. You can stitch the word Love on one cap and the words is Blind on the other. It will be a unique way of conveying their relationship.

Although this gift idea can be really elementary, it is still viable. You can put their initials on the cloth or even make unique designs on them. Use plain white handkerchief not only to make the designs more visible but also because the color is often associated with marriage or nuptials. Besides, giving them handkerchiefs does not mean that they have to really use it. Depending on the material of the handkerchief that you will be gifting them with, they can use it as display inside the house. Place them on the tabletop or frame them, showcasing the designs that you have embroidered. You can even frame it yourself

Bath things
Other items that you can personalize through embroidery are towels and bathrobes. One great thing about this gift idea is the fact that these are items that the couple will surely be able to use. Put some personal touch on them by embroidering their names or putting colors on the edges.