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Android Q Might Have A Similar Function As iOS 3D Touch

by Ace Damon
Android Q Might Have A Similar Function As iOS 3D Touch

Documents show that Android Q will have a similar function as iOS 3D Touch.

It seems that Google and its Android operating system will continue with the trend to implement ideas that have succeeded in Apple products.

That’s because, according to developers who have already had access to the first version of Android Q (the not yet officially named new version of the operating system, due to be launched later this year), the OS should support “hold” commands of a button, similar to the 3D Touch function of iPhones.

Google has already put a similar function to 3D Touch on Android Oreo, but according to the documents of the new system, the company intends to bring this function even closer to that used by Apple.

According to instructions found within the “MotionEvent” folder (where all documentation related to commands via touchscreen, stylus pens or mouse clicks is stored), there is a part that explains that each touch made on the screen by the user can be considered as a click normal or as a “deep press”, and classifies this “deep press” as a touch intentionally made stronger by the user.

According to the classification provided by the document, in receiving this type of entry, the program must accelerate the processes related to the “long press.”

That is, if the user hits the screen in a more “violent” way, the program should quickly show him the menu related to what opens when you hold your finger on the screen.

Although Android Q is struggling to get closer to 3D Touch, Apple’s function is still at an advantage because it can measure different types of force used when touching the screen, not just “strong touch” and “weak touch.”

But the main question is whether this feature will work on all models that install the new system, or whether it will also need specific hardware to work, making it compatible only with Android models that already release with the factory version Q.

For now, no company that makes Android devices announced devices that have the ability to detect the force of touch on the screen, but as this function will be present in Android Q will probably see the first ads of the type already in the coming months.


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