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Android 10 Problems On Arrival

by Ace Damon

Android 10 has arrived causing problems and crashes.

The New Android 10 is already among us and brings many features and news. But it seems that all was not flowers in these early days of the operating system.

Google Pixel smartphones get OS updates before almost every other device, and it’s no different than the new Android 10. But it seems that some users are having problems and downgrading to Android 9 again. Reported issues include the long installation time of Android 10 and the non-functioning of sensors.

The new Android 10 was released last Tuesday (03) for Google Pixel devices, and brings several new features and improvements, as you can see in this article. But it seems that it also brought new problems.

Several users reported long setup times, and their smartphone stuck on the boot screen with the Google logo. As reported in the Google product forums, installing Android 10 seems to hang on the startup screen for a period of 30 minutes to six hours.

And this problem does not seem to be limited to a specific model, as first-generation Pixel, Pixel 2, Pixel 3, and Pixel 3a users reported problems with the installation.

Sensors do not respond to commands.

Another issue reported by many Google Pixel users on the XDA forum and the Pixel Phone forum is that some sensors have stopped responding after upgrading to Android 10. Affected features include Active Edge functionality, auto rotation, auto brightness, and two-touch on the screen to activate.

Users reported the issue on Pixel 3 XL, but at least one user reported the issue on first-generation Google Pixel. One user also reported that when making a call on the smartphone, the screen goes dark and no touch or press of the power button activates the screen.

The issue seems to affect devices regardless of whether users upgrade via OTA or not. This suggests that the problem is not related to a specific installation process.

According to affected users, downgrading to Android Pie is one of the few ways to get sensors working again. Google has not yet taken a stand on these issues.


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