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Anatel approves Samsung Galaxy Buds wireless headphones “Beans”

by Ace Damon

Anatel issued the approval of a new completely wireless headset from Samsung, which until then is known as Galaxy Buds Beans, or simply Galaxy Beans. The bean-shaped headphones could be the first major change in the look of the Korean company’s headphones.

Rumors of these headphones have been circulating on the internet for some time and the format that the images ventilate proposes a more comfortable fit – I strongly disagree. The few details that the same rumors indicate are in the size of the phone, which may be 2.8 centimeters and this makes them little bigger than the Buds + launched this year.

They can have two microphones and an opening in the upper part can play the role of increasing the bass sensation, or even help in breathing the skin, since it certainly covers much of the middle of the ear.

If the leaked look really represents the final product, the autonomy can be even longer than the 11 o’clock of Buds +, since the beans are very chubby and this gives space for a bigger battery.

You may be wondering how we know that the homologation is for a headset and not another Samsung product. We know that, even without a photo accompanying the approval, the product code mentioned in the document is SM-R180 and the two Galaxy Buds already launched (the original and the Buds +) use the code SM-R170 and SM-R175. The new alphanumeric string follows the new product order, which uses a larger number in a similar code.

August is the month of launch of the Galaxy Note line and the approval of now may be the indication that next month will bring a new device of the Note line, which has already leaked within Samsung itself, in addition to a new generation of headphones that can be such Galaxy Buds Beans. Now we just need to know where Galaxy Home is.

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