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AMD Polaris Is Back – RX 590 Overview

by Ace Damon
AMD Polaris Is Back - RX 590 Overview

Those key holiday sales it’s also been a pretty interesting season for the GPU market as well with the new RTX series from Nvidia, but it didn’t go as planned as it should have been in the first place.

We are months into the launch and there still isn’t a game that supports any of the features at the RTX series GPUs we’re supposed to offer so that sort of sets the stage for this video, because as it stood, AMD didn’t really have anything new from their Radeon graphics division and that causes an issue, especially at this time of the year so they had to dig deep into their past and to come up with this the Rx 590.

The RX 590 isn’t really new, it uses the same four generation GCN Polaris architecture found in the RX 480 and RX 580.

AMD Polaris Is Back - RX 590 Overview

AMD is once again using a design that was first launched about two and a half years ago, this thing has more lives than a cat, the only difference is that they’re using a 12-nanometer manufacturing process instead of the 14 nanometers used on the RX 580.

It really is too bad that Vega isn’t being addressed with this new process and supposedly AMD has no plans to change that right now, so as we can see in the specs the updated manufacturing process has allowed AMD to take the RX 580, increase its core frequency, and simply create the RX 590 as a pre-overclocked version.

The claim is that we should see a 10 to 15% framerate boost so, not all that much more than what a user overclocked RX 580 can achieve, so while the RX 580 is meant to compete against NVidia 1060 6GB, this new card is supposed to perform a bit above.

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But that won’t amount to any additional performance even with a twelve-nanometer core, there’s a huge jump in power consumption since the Polaris architecture wasn’t designed to operate at such high clock speeds.

Just to give you an idea that 225 watts are 10 watts more than what Nvidia rates their RTX 2080, and that’s pretty crazy, of course, pricing had to factor into this – and that’s where I think AMD may have a winner.

We really didn’t need a pre-overclocked Rx 580 but at its price of $280 it should be pretty competitive against Nvidia the GTX 1060 6gb, which goes for around $250 to $290 on Amazon right now so, that’s right in line with the RX 590.

Honestly, this might cause the RX 590 to look like a pretty poor value even before it launches, but there’s one more perk I wanted to talk about: when you purchase an RX 590 or a PC equipped with one you’ll also get three free upcoming games.

AMD Polaris Is Back - RX 590 Overview

There’s Devil May Cry 5 and The Division 2 that is due to launch in March of 2019, while Resident Evil 2 remake should be out in January. All things considered, that’s well over a hundred fifty dollars of free games, but they’re only valuable to someone who actually wants them plus, the offer is only good for a limited time so we can’t really take them into consideration for the RX 590’S long-term value.

I really like the RX 580 but AMD’s obviously trying to push their architecture a little bit further than it was originally designed to and that means the power consumption numbers are huge in comparison to frame rates.

Now if your system can handle it this might be an awesome upgrade, but I would also make sure to check the RX 580 prices before taking the plunge!


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