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All 4gnews Awards winners! From best smartphones to best …

by Ace Damon
All 4gnews Awards winners! From best smartphones to best ...

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Today all 4gnews Awards winners are revealed! The prizes you love so much are back. We have voted for the following categories: "Best Smartphone of the Year", "Best Bet", "Breakthrough Brand" or even "Best Mobile Operator".

The results were astonishing and will give you talk. Xiaomi and OnePlus were the big winners and NOS surprised everyone and everything by getting the best mobile operator award.

Therefore, review all winners in each category. We have the public vote and the 4gnews editors vote. This year was one of the largest public votes we've had with over 17,000 public votes.

Best Smartphone of the Year – OnePlus 7T Pro (Audience Choice)

OnePlus 7T Pro


OnePlus 7T Pro was voted best smartphone of the year by 4gnews audiences. The smartphone has convinced itself into points that make it unique and is a well deserved winner of the award and the highlight.

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Best Bet 2019 – Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro (Public Choice)

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro

The 4gnews audience has chosen the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro as the smartphone that deserves your investment. The best bet prize is one of the most important because it values ​​the quality / price of the equipment.

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Mark Revelation 2019 – Xiaomi – (Public Choice)


Xiaomi managed to rip the hearts of the Portuguese by opening 4 official stores in Portugal in just 6 months. This was certainly the important step to getting the brand new award at the 4gnews Awards.

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Best Mobile Operator of 2019 – NOS – (Public Choice)

Best carrier

NOS overtook MEO, Vodafone and NOWO in the last break and got the first 4gnews operator award. Mobile service is increasingly capable, competitive, and NOS seems to have captured the public.


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Best Smartphone of the Year – OnePlus 7T Pro (Editors' Choice)

OnePlus 7T Pro

Here the editors did not disagree with the public. The choice of OnePlus 7T Pro was unanimous among publishers and the public. The OnePlus smartphone thus wins two major trophies in this edition of the 4gnews Awards.

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Best Bet 2019 – OnePlus 7T (Editors' Choice)

OnePlus 7T


The big issue was between the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro and OnePlus 7T. But publishers valued OnePlus smartphone software more than the Mi 9T Pro's pop-up camera. A choice that could have fallen to one side over the quality of the devices.

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Revelation Mark 2019 – Xiaomi – (Editors' Choice)


There was not much disagreement here either. Although Samsung was surprised by the folding smartphone, the arrival of Xiaomi stores and all official products in Portugal was enough for publishers to believe that Xiaomi deserved the award.

The advantage of Xiaomi products in Portugal is due to their great price competitiveness. That is, with this competition from Xiaomi, other brands are likely to rethink the price of their gadgets before placing them on the market.


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It was thus another edition of the 4gnews Awards. Thanks in advance to everyone who participated in these polls. Guaranteed that brands will value your choice. The losers have one more year to prove they deserve your next vote!

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