Add Coaching As A Bonus To Your Existing Offers And Membership Sites

Add Coaching As A Bonus To Your Existing Offers And Membership Sites

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a $7 eBook or a $97 home study course, or even a $97 a month or $997 membership site, personal coaching and coaching of any kind makes a great bonus for any buyer and adds content to your site in the same process. As long as you keep three things in mind, the confidentiality clause, a bonus button and time cap that bonus.

One issue that you’re going to come up against when you’re offering one on one advice to your customers is will anyone else see or hear the recording. That is why when you offer coaching to any of your customers or clients be upfront, don’t get too fancy, but have a sentence or two stating that you’re going to be recording the coaching call and adding to your membership site as content. If your customers really insist that you keep the coaching call private you can offer them a higher price or additional payment to keep that coaching call private. But, I highly recommend that you record every coaching call you run and stick it into a membership site. That way you get paid over and over for that work and you’re not just trading time for dollars.

In addition to having the confidentiality clause it can’t hurt to add a simple payment button inside your membership sites. How cool would it be if you had a membership site about how to install a WordPress blog, People could view the videos and see exactly how to do it, but in case they didn’t have time to do it or they wanted it to be done correctly, they might want to hire you to install this WordPress blog for them. I used to be really against allowing people to hire me for a one off deal but the solution is just to charge whatever you’re worth.

Some people will pay $2,000 or $5,000 to set up a WordPress blog, if that’s what you’re worth then that’s what you should price. On the other hand, if you’re brand new and you think that setting up a WordPress blog is only worth $10 or $50 for you, set up a payment button in your membership site for that price point. If you get tired of all that work or you just want to make more money, increase the prices.

The final thing that you should keep in mind when it comes to coaching offers is to set a time limit. This means that you might sell a report and a bonus is a half an hour consultation with that person. When they get on the phone with you record it and just be clear that the call will only last half an hour, then you’re done. That way they can’t keep you on the phone forever. Above all, you should just make it a habit to record everything it is that you do, not just a product but a coaching call. Even if you provide services such as installing someone WordPress blog for them, how about recording it, that way they can see what you did, how you did it and that the job was completed successfully.

When adding coaching as a bonus to your existing offers add that confidentiality clause, make a bonus button so people can buy more coaching from you, even if you gave it as a free bonus, and cap the amount of time that coaching bonus will take you to ensure that you’re not creating yourself another job.