About Me

Hello and welcome.

I am Ace, and this is web market shop.

The place I chose to share some of the knowledge I gathered through the years.

I am currently working as an IT security specialist, and my hobbies are a writer, a guitar and bass guitar player, and everything else I share in here.

I studied Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Politics) and Biology, I got into Astronomy as well but time restrains make me go slow and leave it for the future.

Got my degree in I.T. Technologies, while taking courses in Business Management and Computing Engineering.

But I am still an addicted freak for the mundane things in life, not a follower of the mass mentality, and usually stubborn enough until someone points me where I am wrong. I like my own vision of things.

I love different worlds, makes me addicted to movies who depict different distant lands and situations. same thing for games, music and books. I don’t swallow all that current mainstream throws at us, in fact, many of the mainstream movies, games, and music do pass by unnoticed due to lack of originality or even quality.

I always pondered why some mediocre art seemed so inflated and ridiculously reviewed. Empty views and reviews, much like the subject itself. In that sense, I became a critic and reviewer to better filter what enters my life.

I don’t do much of it since I can only watch, hear or play what I really like to spend my time, so many of nowadays releases won’t take much of my time, much less enough to review it. Anyways, if you have a band, a small movie or an indie game, feel free to contact me for a review on www.webmarketshop.com, I am usually honest.

All things on this website are the property of their original owners, some were taken from people who knew even less than me about their possible origins, especially the images in the galleries.

Please use the website contact form or just send me a shout on the social media channels in case you have any idea on how to make this small place on the big internet a better blog, all is welcome, even the negative comments, helps me to improve!

Stay safe and thank you for visiting,

Ace Damon