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A Star Is Born – Movie Review

by Ace Damon

Bradley Cooper, this man can croon and, of course, we all know that Lady Gaga has got the voice of a million angels, she’s incredible.

I am gonna go into spoilers so if you haven’t seen it yet you might not want to finish this review until you have watched it and then come back and read my review.

A Star Is Born - Movie Review

This movie was very emotional and adult themed and I really didn’t know much about it until I saw it because I had only seen one preview and, I at the time that I saw the movie, didn’t realize that there were two previous versions of this film, so I’ve never seen those ones and so I didn’t really know much about it.

All I knew was that Bradley Cooper was a veteran musician and he hears Lady Gaga sing and falls in love with her and helps her gain stardom, that’s all I knew about it.

I didn’t realize how heavy and involved this storyline was going to be, I’m really glad that it was, I think it gave a lot of depth to the characters and I feel like there were so many topics in this movie that are just prevalent throughout society today and things that we really need to talk about.

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I’m glad that this movie addressed those, however, it was so very sad and it was almost like you could just feel the pain and the depression, and the sadness and the heaviness that Bradley Cooper carried around with him.

I thought that Bradley Cooper did a really great job for his first directorial debut and my very favorite thing ever is that he used his co-stars from alias all throughout this movie.

If you are an alias fan like I am you know that Bradley Cooper was an alias and then, of course, we had Greg Grunberg and Sloan which was his character, all we’re missing is Jennifer Garner where was she? was she in the background somewhere?

I feel like she should have had like a little tiny cameo in here somewhere. It’s like a little alias reunion.

A Star Is Born - Movie Review

I loved it 100%, as I said at the beginning Lady Gaga has the voice of a million angels, what I did not know is how much I was going to fall in love with Bradley Cooper’s voice and this character Jackson Mane.

I mean the deep talking voice, I feel like that is not Bradley Cooper’s normal talking voice and it was very sexy, I really liked it and then you enjoy to see him up there and sing, the hair, the voice, all in this package together it’s just pretty great.

I cried my eyes out at the end for the characters and the sadness, the heartbreak of everyone involved, also I did notice that it was Andrew Dice Clay as Ally’s dad. I did not recognize him, it took me forever to figure out who it was.

Everybody should see this movie, but seems aimed for after a certain age obviously, don’t take your kids to see if there are some very adult themes going on, but I feel like it was a great film and it can start a lot of conversations that need to be started, and need to be talked about.

I’m sure I’ve left behind a million things to talk about but I’m sure you’ll also notice why after you see this flick.



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