A Quick Guide To Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers
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A Quick Guide To Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers

Getting married is one of the most cherished memories people will ever have, and that’s why couples work so hard to make it a special day. There is a lot to think about: Who to invite, where to have it, when, the invitations, the dress, the food, decorations, who to have in the wedding party and the cake. It’s this last item that we’ll go into. People give plenty of thought to the cake, and what will go on top of it is no exception. The more traditional choice is that of a bride and groom at the top of the cake. However, humorous figures are becoming more popular. For the couple that would like a combination of the new and traditional, it’s hard to beat monogram wedding cake toppers.

While there is nothing wrong with humorous cake toppers, there are couples who prefer their wedding day as something more sophisticated and classy. There are those who may think such an attitude is uppity, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to add an air of formality to the celebration (it really comes down to the preferences of each couple). It’s perfectly normal to want the finest and best of everything associated with your wedding. However, there is a downside: The quest for find the “just right” version of everything can cause a lot of stress. No need to worry, the following tips should help you to more easily choose the right monogram wedding cake toppers.

The first decision you need to make is, obviously, what design you would like it to have. How ornate would you like it to be, and which letter (or letters if you would like to go a step or two beyond a true monogram). M normally have the groom’s last initial, but may have the brides’ last initial in cases where she won’t be taken her new husband’s last name. Additionally, some couples like to use their first initials as well, either alone, or in combination with the last initial, as previously discussed.

Once you have decided on the design and lettering of your monogram, it’s time to choose the color and material from which it will be made. At this point, it’s best to have a good idea of how the other elements of the wedding will look, such as color schemes. You will want to have a wedding cake monogram that fits in with everything else, but still adds its own specialness to the ceremony.

The cynics of the world may wonder why anybody would spend so much time in selecting monogram wedding cake toppers. The sad thing is that they will probably never understand, but here’s what it comes down to… A couple’s wedding day is a truly special event, and worthy of the time it takes to plan it to be the best it can be. Now, what if they got everything else right, but the cake topper was wrong, It would be a shame if that one little flaw was the only thing they remembered. Anyway, with the above tips, that won’t be a problem. Let the cynics scoff, enjoy your day, and have a happy and wonderful future together.