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A Piece of Meghan Markle’s Hollywood History Is For Sale

by Ace Damon

When Hollywood collectors log on to bid on Profiles in History “Hollywood: A Rescue of Collectors” auction next Tuesday, they will be able to buy monumental moments in film history: David O. Selznick's screenplay and Gone With the Wind's production notes; one of the dresses Judy Garland wore on the set of The Wizard of Oz; and the costumes of Freddy and Jason from Freddy Vs. Jason, for example. But the storage lot is not necessarily valuable because of where it was used, but what happened to the person after it was used. Next week, the suitcase that Meghan Markle already had at the Deal or No Deal show will go on sale.

In 2006, Meghan got a job as a carrier for the game show, and boasted the number 24 for the entire second season. In an Esquire Interview 2013Meghan was eager to change the subject when asked about this work. "I would put that in the category of things I was doing while I was trying to survive," she said. "I got off work at the US Embassy in Argentina and ended the deal." She added that she had no winning case, so she spent a long time waiting. "I'd end up standing there forever, in those terribly uncomfortable, cheap five-inch heels, waiting for someone to pick up my number so I could sit down."

According to Profiles in History, the case is aluminum and features chrome handles and a crushed red velvet lining. The auction notes point to a coincidence over the suitcase. When Donald Trump had the role of guest consultant in the first season of the show, he told a competitor to choose the suitcase. (An Austrian model named Nancy Stelle would probably be holding the case back then.)

O most valuable movie memories of all time – including Maltese Falcon, Garland's red slippers and James Bond Aston Martin – millions of dollars have been invested in previous auctions; some even inspired scandal and a vibrant secondary market. Profiles in History estimates that bids in the suitcase will start between $ 4,000 and $ 6,000. Considering the trajectories of the two people most associated with her, if a rich person is desperately in need of some luck, this could be a total rip off.

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