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8 Decoration Tips To Help Control Anxiety

by Ace Damon

Simple changes can help make your home more welcoming

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO) released in February last year, Brazil has the highest rate of anxiety disorder in the world. About 18 million Brazilians were living with some anxiety disorder in 2015, which corresponds to 9.3% of the population. In addition to being a health problem that invades the routine, it is not always easy to deal with anxiety and get rid of it.

Although there are several different forms of treatment, some simple changes in the decoration of the house can help relieve the symptoms. Check out!

1 Open and airy spaces

Tight and claustrophobic places can generate discomfort in those who suffer from anxiety. So choose open and airy spaces! Also avoid accumulating many furniture and objects. If possible, leave empty spaces between them.

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2 Aromatizador of environments

In addition to leaving the house smelling, the aroma can help make the place more refreshing and calming. And it is even better if the essence is lavender or rose, which bring a sense of relaxation.

3 Flowers

A flower on the living room table can leave the space more cosy and pleasant. Also, taking care of them can be a calming activity.

4 Comfortable bed

Lying in bed after a long day at work is not always a relaxing time for those who are anxious. What was meant to be a good night’s sleep, sometimes turns into a sequence of distressing thoughts. A good tip is to have a light and cozy bed, which is a comfortable place to actually rest!

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5 blackout drapes / curtains

Strong light can cause headaches and strains on the body, so blackout curtains can be useful items in your home. But they do not need (and should not!) Always remain closed. Open in the morning, let the light in and feel more confident.

6 Quiet Colors

Avoid using dark colors in your home. Strong red, for example, can bring home stimulating sensations. Choose tones that bring tranquility, such as a green or a light pink.

7 Bath salts

A good bath of fragrance salts of your choice can be a technique to de-stress and let the anguish run down the drain. While not in use, salts are also a decorative piece for your bathroom.

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Fireplace. In the space where the family meets on cold nights, the metallic effect predominates in the choice of objects, such as the vintage mirror and the copper bowl. Other special items, such as the stone sculpture and a woolen pillow, create contrast in the environment.

8 Avoid excessive objects

Accumulating many objects in the house is not advisable. They may even have affective value, but by leaving them on the furniture, they attract dust and leave the room confused. On very stressful days, a clean and orderly place is essential.


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