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6ix9ine Prosecutors Recommend Reduced Sentencing

by Ace Damon

Justice Department attorneys asked a judge to be easier to convict 6ix9ine in light of his cooperation in a criminal investigation and assistance in a trial that resulted in convictions. DOJ lawyers filed a memorandum on Thursday (December 5) requesting Judge Paul Engelmayer, who is overseeing the 6ix9ine case, to impose a sentence below the statutory minimum.

Last November, Brooklyn-born 6ix9ine, whose legal name is Daniel Hernandez, was charged with racketeering and firearm crimes and charged with joining Nine Trey Gansta Bloods, a violent street gang founded on Rikers Island. Facing life in prison, he pleaded guilty in January and agreed to position himself as a key government witness against two high-ranking gang members. The jury returned guilty sentences in the case against the two defendants, according to the DOJ. 6ix9ine also provided the government with the main evidence that allowed them to file a complaint against two other individuals, totaling four in total.

Thursday's 11-page memo from US Attorney's office in the Southern District of New York Geoffrey S. Berman states that 6ix9ine joined Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods in November 2017 and used her association with them to "improve her personality." Gangster "to help him promote and sell his music. In addition, they said 6ix9ine featured members of Nine Trey in a music video and helped fund gang leadership and operations, according to the court paper.

DOJ lawyers alleged that members of the 6ix9ine and Nine Trey gangs "caused havoc in New York City, among other things, by committing various acts of violence in public places throughout the city." The memo describes how police approached 6ix9ine on a Saturday night on November 17, 2018, after hearing threats made against it, intercepted during phone tapping on one of the tallest members of Nine Trey. Initially, the meeting was just to provide protection, which 6ix9ine declined, but 6ix9ine with the lawyer "provided some information about the organization of Nine Trey," according to the memorandum.

6ix9ine was arrested the next day and admitted to the government his involvement in Nine Trey, including participating in an armed robbery in downtown New York. He also told the government about additional crimes not charged, including a shootout at Brooklyn's "SmurfVillage", a robbery and kidnapping, an assault rifle stored at his home and ordering a shootout at the W Hotel in Times Square.

Based on information provided by 6ix9ine, the government said they were able to accuse four other people of crimes ranging from kidnapping and assault with a dangerous weapon to involvement in a federal conspiracy against RICO extortion.

"(6ix9ine) provided the government with a critical view of Nine Trey's structure and organization, identified the gang's main actors, and described acts of violence that he personally witnessed or heard from other Nine Trey members," says the DOJ memorandum. . "After the cooperation (6ix9ine) became public in February 2019, several of Hernandez's co-defendants contacted the government to begin discussions."

In addition, the rapper was also recognized for his work testifying in court against individuals despite threats to their own safety and that of their family. The government pointed out that the murder of 6ix9ine's stepfather had a "devastating impact on his life", leading to a life of crime.

DOJ lawyers said 6ix9ine's assistance was "incredibly meaningful and extremely helpful" and was able to provide them with a "privileged view of Nine Trey and a firsthand account of the many acts of violence the government did not possess." The memo also praises the truthfulness of 6ix9ine "from the beginning of its cooperation".

"It provided critical and detailed information about the organization and structure of Nine Trey, its members and leaders, and the acts of violence committed by the gang," says the DOJ memorandum. "There is no doubt that (6ix9ine) 's life will never be the same because of his cooperation in this case. He and his family will have to take extra safety precautions when in public to avoid possible reprisals from others."

The DOJ asked the judge to consider a US statute that would give the court the ability to impose a sentence below the legal minimum in light of "substantial assistance in investigating or prosecuting someone else."


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