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6 comic book references in “Wonder Woman 1984”, new heroin movie

by Ace Damon

(Warner Bros. / Press Release)

Brazil was privileged to check out the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer first, the new heroin movie to be released in July 2020. Director Patty Jenkins and actress Gal Gadot came to the country to promote the film on CCXP 2019 , event that took place in Sao Paulo between December 5 and 8.

The story of the new movie takes place seven decades after the events of the first Wonder Woman. While the first film showed the origin of the character during World War I, she is now well established as a heroine in the 1980s.

In the new trailer, Diana is shown in a much more colorful environment than we usually see in DC movies. She is still dealing with serious issues (now she is involved in the Cold War geopolitical bullshit), but with a vibe well 80s. With New Order Blue Monday on the soundtrack.

The director pointed out that Wonder Woman 1984 has no connection with the 2017 Justice League (which she said was quite “controversial”). The new movie is also not based on any specific comic, but there is no shortage of comic references.

Check out the new trailer below and see which references you can fish:

Leopard woman

6 comic book references in “Wonder Woman 1984”, new heroin movie

– (Warner Bros / Divulgation / Comic Vine / Reproduction / Reproduction montage)

Kristen Wiig will play one of Wonder Woman's most classic antagonists. The Leopard Woman is born in the comics as a friend of Diana, but the relationship goes to the marsh and they become archenemies.

We can expect to see this evolution in the new movie. At the beginning of the trailer, the two appear talking friendly in a restaurant. However, we know that the relationship between the two does not end well.

In the comics, four people have already assumed the identity of the Leopard Woman (including one man). It seems that the version that will appear on screen is archaeologist Barbara Ann Minerva. She acquires powers and becomes "half leopard" after participating in the ritual of an African tribe. Besides the super agility, typical of the feline, the Leopard Woman also has super strength.

Golden armor

6 comic book references in “Wonder Woman 1984”, new heroin movie

– (Warner Bros / Divulgation / Box Box / Reproduction / Montage on reproduction)

In both the trailer and the official poster of the movie, Wonder Woman appears wearing gold armor. The costume is already an old acquaintance of comics. He first appeared in 1996, but only settled in the heroin stories in 1999.

The armor gives some advantages to the wearer. Chief among them is invulnerability. With her, Diana can protect herself from gunfire, explosions and other forms of attack. And as you may have noticed, the armor also has wings. Seeing Wonder Woman flying is one of the great expectations of the new movie.

No guns

6 comic book references in “Wonder Woman 1984”, new heroin movie

– (Warner Bros / Divulgation / Flickr / Reproduction / Reproduction montage)

When William Moulton Marston idealized Wonder Woman in the 1940s, he did not want her to fight with guns. His idea was to create a superhero who fulfilled his role using his skills without violence.

At a news conference, Gal Gadot, who plays Diana Prince, said Wonder Woman will no longer use weapons. In the first movie, the character uses a sword and a shield. Now it will feature only the loop of truth and the bulletproof bracelet – in addition to the armor mentioned earlier, which, let's face it, is no small feat.

Invisible jet

6 comic book references in “Wonder Woman 1984”, new heroin movie

– (Warner Bros / Divulgation / Vignette / Reproduction / Reproduction montage)

Anyone who knows the 1970s cartoon Super Friends remembers the Wonder Woman jet invisibly. He gets to be comical (after all, what is the use of an invisible jet to see the people inside?) But has become a classic item of the character.

Director Patty Jenkins had previously mentioned that she would love to include the jet in the new films, as it is an important part of Wonder Woman's story. In the new trailer, the apparition became even more evident. In one excerpt, Diana appears next to Steve Trevor inside what looks like a ship. From there, they can see the sky full of fireworks. Unless it has a sunroof, we can expect the mode of transport to be the long-awaited invisible jet.

Maxwell lord

6 comic book references in “Wonder Woman 1984”, new heroin movie

– (Warner Bros / Divulgation / Pinimg / Reproduction / Reproduction montage)

The Leopard Woman won't be the only antagonist of the new movie. Pedro Pascal will play another villain known from Wonder Woman: Maxwell Lord. In comics, he is often portrayed as a wealthy businessman who uses money and influence to manipulate people and get what he wants. In some stories, he even gains the power to control the mind.

In the trailer, Max Lord seems to keep the same characteristics: he appears on TV with a manipulative speech, promising “all you ever wanted” to viewers. Some fans even theorize that the character has something to do with the return of Steve Trevor (Diana's great love, who, at least theoretically, died in the first movie).

Lightning travel

6 comic book references in “Wonder Woman 1984”, new heroin movie

– (Warner Bros / Divulgation / PBS / Reproduction / Reproduction montage)

One detail that few people may have noticed in the new trailer is the stretch in which Diana takes off, literally jumping from lightning to another. During a thunderstorm, she "ties" the loop of truth to a lightning bolt and swings back and forth like Spider-Man's web.

It sounds bizarre, but even that has comic book backing. After all, Diana is a demigod, daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta. Nothing fairer than inheriting some powers from the father. The skill is not well known, but it has appeared a few times in the comic.


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