5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Knock On Wood
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5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Knock On Wood

When you have reached the fifth year of your marriage you will need to express your gratitude to each other by presenting one another with a special gift. Luckily, there is a recommendation for each year that you are married to give you some guidelines to go by. For those who are looking for ideas for fifth wedding anniversary gifts here are a few suggestions.

The traditional symbol for five years of marriage is wood so there are quite a few ideas that would be perfect for the one you love. Since men and women tend to have different interests they will need to be separated into categories.

Men are easy to buy for at this level because of their instinctive fascination with wood. You really have to look at the individual to narrow down your options since they can encompass so many things. For example, if they love woodworking then you have struck gold. There is an entire plethora of options available to you. You could go with woodworking tools, routers, saws, drills or almost anything else you can imagine.

If he enjoys the outdoors then perhaps a wooden fishing pole is appropriate. These are somewhat harder to locate but it will instantly relay to him that you put a lot of thought into your selection. There are even antique rods that are not necessarily for use but more of a display piece.

For the man who likes to hike then a walking stick might be appropriate. It could be one right off the shelf or if you can locate a craftsman then possibly have one designed and custom made.

If your guy is more of the white collar type then you are still in luck. A good choice would be a hand crafted fountain pen made of wood. These are not very common and will be very popular. And since they are hand-made no two are generally alike.

For the man who is stuck behind a desk there are wooden crafts that they can adorn their work area with. Go with his favorite sports team, or plan something around his favorite hobby such as golf.

For women, the selections might be a little more difficult. Typically, you can go with a beautiful wooden picture frame with a nice photo of the two of you. Another option could be a nice rocking chair or glider for her to relax in after a long hard day’s work. But fifth wedding anniversary gifts don’t have to involve furniture. If she is an outdoor type of woman the same rules can apply for her that are used for men.