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5 mysteries that remained after the end of Dark

by Ace Damon

The German series Dark came to an end after three seasons – which generated many (but many) doubts in viewers. The brain-frying script is even the highlight of the plot, which was voted the best Netflix series by popular vote on the website Rotten Tomatoes.

The third season did what it promised, and offered answers to most questions – but not all. Here we list some mysteries that, intentionally or not, remained after the series ended.

1 – What exactly happened to Aleksander Tiedemann / Boris Niewald?

– Netflix / Playback

Before the third season premiered, we listed here on SUPER five questions that we wanted to see answered at the close of the series. One was exactly about the mysterious past of the director of the nuclear plant, Aleksander Tiedemann. Unfortunately, the third season provided very little material on this issue.

Let’s go to what we already knew: Aleksander first appeared in Winden, in the 80’s, after being shot. We found out that his real name is Boris Niewald, but he takes on the identity of Aleksander Köhler. Later, he marries Regina Tiedemann and adopts his wife’s surname. Boris has something to do with a crime that occurred 33 years ago in the city of Marburg, where possibly the original Aleksander ended up dead. It is not clear, however, what happened. To add to the mystery, the second season devotes considerable time to the plot when it introduces detective Clausen, who investigates his brother’s disappearance 33 years ago. The brother, we discover later, is Aleksander Köhler.

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We hoped that the third season would offer more details about what happened in Boris / Aleksander’s youth, but we had few answers. In one scene, Boris confesses to his son that he was involved in the death of the original Aleksander 33 years ago – but says it was an accident. The rest is for the public to speculate. What possibly happened was that, after the episode, Boris hid the body (after all, he is still considered missing) and fled, assuming the identity of the dead man. Clausen spent the next few decades investigating his brother’s disappearance until he tracked down and found Aleksander in season two.

Anyway, the series did not give details on what actually happened. Was Aleksander’s death really accidental? How was Boris shot? The lack of these answers leads one to believe that the episode is secondary and does not matter much for the central plot – which is a little frustrating, given all the mystery that the script built about the character in the first two seasons.

2 – What is the full story for Agnes Nielsen?

5 mysteries that remained after the end of Dark– Netflix / Playback

Another character that was left out last season is the mysterious Agnes Nielsen. At least we found out that her mysterious ex-husband was actually Martha and Jonas’s nameless son.

But the couple’s story ended up being totally anonymous. How (and when) did the two meet? Was their relationship of love, or did they just have a child to maintain the cycle and the family tree that encompasses almost all the characters in the series? And when did they split up?

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In addition, we know that Agnes stopped working with Sic Mundus for a period. She is only accepted back into the group after betraying Claudia, revealing where the last pages of the notebook are and then killing her own brother, Noah. What made you leave the sect of time travelers? Did this have anything to do with your nameless husband?

These questions are not likely to be essential to the central story, but they would certainly be welcome answers about one of Sic Mundus’ most enigmatic and most important characters.

3 – Who are the unknown people in the Sic Mundus photo?

5 mysteries that remained after the end of Dark– Netflix / Playback

This unanswered question is especially frustrating for fans of the first two seasons, who have created several crazy theories based on just a few frames. In the image above, we have members of the Sic Mundus sect posing for a photo, which is later found by Elisabeth as a child in 2020. In it, we can see some members we know: Adam (Jonas), Agnes, Noah, Magnus, Franziska and Bartosz. But there are several other people, especially those in the background, who are not identifiable. This caused many fans to speculate who they would be – as they could be characters we already know at different ages.

In the end, these people didn’t even appear on the show, and the answer to the question is probably “it doesn’t matter.” In the third season, we discovered that Sic Mundus was not created by Adam, but by members of the Tannhaus family. The oldest member we see is Heinrich Tanhauss, father of Gustav Tanhauss (the old blind man). Knowing this, it is possible to speculate that the mysterious people in the portrait may be members of the family or linked to the Tanhauss in some way, who participated in Sic Mundus but ended up having no relevance to the plot as a whole. A pity, since his identity was widely debated on internet forums while the third season did not arrive. Perhaps that was the goal of the creators of the series: to put more elements for the fans to fry the brain creating the craziest theories.

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4 – How did Claudia discover the third world and the origin of everything?

5 mysteries that remained after the end of Dark– Netflix / Playback

In the last episode, the big answer we were finally waiting for is given to us, and the explanation comes through the character Claudia. She tells Adam that the origin of the two worlds and the entire time cycle in which the characters are trapped is not in his son with Martha, as he believed, but in a third world, the world of origin, in which HG Tannhaus, trying to go back in time to save his family, ended up destroying his own world and creating two others. It is based on this information that the series reaches its conclusion.

But something is not very well explained: how did Claudia discover all this? In the scene where she tells Adam everything, she only gives vague explanations, saying that she sought answers both in his world and in Eva’s world until she put the pieces together, always with the main motivation of saving her daughter Regina. It is not clear, however, how exactly she managed to discover details about the origin. Not only does she know that everything originated in a third world, she knows details of what Tannhaus did in this world, and what should be done to avoid the accident. Did Claudia come to visit this third world and see everything with her own eyes?

It may have been deliberate on the part of the creators of the series not to show all of this in detail, again allowing the audience to speculate. After all, Claudia is one of the most intelligent and knowledgeable characters in time travel, as well as having a background in nuclear physics. If someone had to solve this puzzle, it is logical that it would be her – even more if we consider that she had a very strong motivation (save her daughter). But even so, the series could better explain how she came to the most important conclusion of the entire season – if only giving a hint of what she did to connect the dots.

5 – What happened to Torben Wöller’s eye?

5 mysteries that remained after the end of Dark– Netflix / Playback

Time travel? Sic Mundus? Interdimensional babies? None of this: the biggest mystery of the series is in the eye of police officer Wöller.

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Jokes aside, perhaps the fact that the question was never answered was a good idea. All because the detail became a kind of meme in the series: both in the second season and in the last scene of the third, Wöller is about to explain the mystery behind his eye patch when something interrupts the story and frustrates the viewer in a fun way . It is interesting how a detail in a secondary character even in the first season raised the curiosity of the fans so much, and the series capitalized on that very well. Either way, not having that answer is satisfactorily frustrating – and it leaves that famous “I want more.”


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