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39 people have been found dead in a truck container in southeast England, UK…

by Ace Damon
39 people have been found dead in a truck container in southeast England, UK...

Sean Davies, (Basildon, England) Echo
Posted 5:22 am ET October 23, 2019 | Updated 14:09 ET 23 October 2019


South East England police said 39 people were found dead inside a truck container believed to have come from Bulgaria.

LONDON – South East England police said 39 people were found dead Wednesday inside a truck It is believed to have come from Bulgaria.

The truck, which reportedly entered the country on Saturday, was found by ambulance workers at Waterglade Industrial Park in Grays.

“This is a tragic incident in which large numbers of people lost their lives. Our investigations are underway to establish what happened, ”said Chief Superintendent Andrew Mariner. "We are in the process of identifying victims, but I predict this could be a lengthy process."

Police closed access to and from the industrial park.


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When did this happen?

Emergency services rushed to the Waterglade Industrial Park in Grays at around 1:40 pm local time. Grays is about 30 kilometers east of London.

Were the bodies identified?

All 39 people found were pronounced dead on the spot. Early indications suggest that 38 are adults and one is a teenager.

Is there a suspect?

A 25-year-old man from Northern Ireland who is the driver of the truck was arrested on suspicion of murder. He remains in custody.

Interior Secretary Priti Patel tweeted: “Shocked and saddened by this absolutely tragic incident in Grays. Essex police have arrested an individual and we must give them room to conduct their investigations. "

How are politicians reacting?

Amid Brexit negotiations, UK officials paused to respond to the incident.

During a session of Parliament, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday that the perpetrators "must be hunted down and brought to justice."

"I'm shocked by this tragic incident in Essex," he tweeted earlier in the day. “I am receiving regular updates and the Home Office will work closely with the Essex police as we establish exactly what happened. My thoughts are with all those who have lost their lives and their loved ones. "

Jackie Doyle-Price, a Member of Parliament representing Thurrock, where Grays is located, called the incident "evil."

"Putting 39 people in a locked metal container shows a contempt for human life that is bad. The best thing we can do in memory of these victims is find the perpetrators and bring them to justice," she said.

UK Interior Secretary Priti Patel called the incident "horrible".

"I think the whole House will agree that this really is a truly shocking incident. My thoughts and all thoughts and condolences are with the victims and their loved ones at this absolutely terrible time," Patel said.

She urged Interior Ministry officials "to collaborate closely with the investigation, providing as much assistance as possible."

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has promised that an investigation will be opened to determine whether the vehicle carrying the 39 people has passed through Ireland.

Speaking in the Irish Parliament, Varadkar said: "The information we have so far this morning is very incomplete, but there are some reports that the truck may have passed through Ireland at some point."

Contribution: Associated Press

SOURCE maps4news.com/ Alameda (Photo: USA TODAY)

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