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3,400-year-old anchor with the image of an Egyptian goddess found in the waters of Israel …

by Ace Damon
3,400-year-old anchor with the image of an Egyptian goddess found in the waters of Israel ...

The stone, found in the Mediterranean Sea, was a very well-preserved anchor that was dragged by a recent storm.

During a morning swim in the Mediterranean Sea, more specifically on the northern coast of Israel, a veterinarian saw something that is not normally seen on the sea floor – hieroglyphs.

What veterinarian Rafi Bahalul, who lives in Ein Hod, found underwater was a 3,400-year-old Egyptian stone anchor. The object has the image of an ancient goddess and hieroglyphics.

"I saw it, I kept swimming a few meters, then I realized what I had seen and I dived to touch it," said Rafi Bahalul, adding that "it was as if I had entered an Egyptian temple at the bottom of the Mediterranean".

The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) has been called in to examine the find near the city of Haifa.

"It is a place known for other discoveries, but we were not currently digging there. Sometimes the sea does our job and luckily a person saw it and alerted us," said Jacob Sharvit, director of the Department of Maritime Archeology of the IAA, informs Haaretz newspaper.

It was not difficult to unravel the function of the stone, which was used as an anchor by boats during the Bronze Age, which ended about 3,200 years ago, reported Shirly Bem-Dor Evian, an Egyptian archeology conservator at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Mysterious Egyptian Artifact From the Bronze Age Found Off Israeli Coast
A veterinarian taking a morning swim found what turned out to be an anchor engraved with hieroglyphs on the seafloor. But who defaced the Egyptian goddess? https://t.co/u7z3oxH0sj

– Saul of United (@ Viatcheslavsos3) February 2, 2020

Mysterious Egyptian artifact from the Bronze Age is found off the Israeli coast.

These anchors were shaped like a trapezoid with rounded corners and a hole in the upper end to hold the rope.

Similar anchors from this time have already been found on the coast of the Mediterranean Levant, including in the city of Atlit. However, what sets this anchor apart from all others is the quality of the decoration, points out the conservator.

The most interesting part of the decoration is the image that shows a woman writing on a board.

The symbol on her head identifies her with the goddess Seshat, ancient Egyptian deity of writing, explains Ben-Dor Evian.

Based on the style of hieroglyphs, the anchor was sculpted in the 15th century BC, that is, it is more than 3,400 years old, points out the conservative. The creation of the anchor would refer to the 18th Dynasty, the time of the pharaohs who founded the New Kingdom and led to the maximum expansion of Ancient Egypt.

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